Saturday, 9 January 2016

My Singing Heart

I begin my mornings with thoughts of your wonderful smile,
your beautiful eyes that I seem to get lost in for a while.
My heart that sings a new with each new rising sun,
an arson committed on the skies that seems to stretch for miles.

The angels dance in divine grace for you truly exist,
a beauty such as yours can only ever be found in dreams.
A fantasy that will embrace us in the moment that we kiss,
I need your heart, my beloved, so I may finally be complete.

You paint the heavens a colour elegant as you pass,
a transparency of your beauty like looking through glass.
Finding you is truly a miracle from the seven skies above,
I wish I would have met you in a previous time that has passed.

Your love is now my only desire and my only wish,
a dream to make you mine so we may share in infinite bliss.
You keep my heart alive just knowing that you are real,
fantasies invade my dreams of when we might kiss.

I long for your embrace; your soul healing touch,
words are not enough to tell you that I miss you much.
I melt in your presence and know that my heart is yours,
and the world will freeze in time when we finally hug.

I will be your Romeo but we shall forever and always live,
and I shall love you more so because you are my gift.
Do not despair for I shall always be truly yours,
let us make a new memory of whatever we have missed.

You are the reason my hand serenades my words,
a verse of love to show to the unsatisfied world.
The reason that my heart has now become a singing poet,
to match even Shakespeare and what he had learnt.

My hearts speaks melodies of what may be destiny,
I believe sincerely that you are truly meant for me.
We shall be more than the treasures of a few memories,
as no scientist will ever have the answer to our chemistry. 

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