Thursday, 28 January 2016


That was barely the last word,
in fact we never really said goodbye.
It's funny because you were my world,
And I still remember how we said hello and hi.

Yet why does it still hurt knowing that 
you were my hardest farewell  even though you never said it?

Why is it that we have memories of ecstatic joy but I only remember you leaving?
It was like you were never there but my memories keep reminding me of my feelings.

I feel like I'm bleeding, it's supposed to hurt,
yet I'm numb remembering the smile that made me fall.

These are probably nothing to you; nothing but words,
and you'll let me feel dumb that I would have given you my all.

You were like lightning; struck me hard and fast,
and as bright as the sun would ever shine.
But in an instant you fled into my past,
and sunk deep into the back of my mind.

It's as if you were nothing; just another day that passed by,
and my love for you is just a painful dream.
But it hurts me so; and I wish this life would just pass by,
because I don't want to nurture a hateful plea.

I have so many questions that I have always wanted to ask,
but how can I when you will forever be absent?
I'll just let them haunt me until I can let go of my past,
and erase you from ever being a part of my breath.

My heart used to beat in rhythm of your name,
your eyes pierced my soul and set me aflame.
I used to yearn for your hugs in the pouring rain,
but you just want to run; like it was but a game.

We created a life within a life,
because those memories set me alive.
They gave me serenity in my smiles,
and a new peace in my lonely eyes.

I guess I was just hoping; like all people do,
and you took me from when I was just new.
I never knew love until you showed me the truth,
and you snatched it back because that was just you.

I was always in love with you.
You just never chose to hear it.
And I don't know how you felt.
maybe you left because you feared it...

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