Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Exhausted Heart

Break my heart into pieces and imagine each one screaming,
Openly Wounded; Barely breathing; Profusely Bleeding.
Life took me down a path on which I was defeated,
And it deceived me with everything I ever believed in.

My shadow even fears the solitude that I face,
even whispers seem silent in such an empty space.
To think I've never once found my own saving grace,
I don't believe that there will ever be a better place.

My tears are now even too tired of always crying,
my heart is exhausted of gasping and sighing.
The stars in the tender dark loosing light and crying,
and the world today forever and always lying.

Somebody save me; somebody embrace me,
my tears are falling cause it's been hell lately.
Death is fighting  so very hard to try and erase me,
or is it all in my head; am I just going crazy?

My heart is broken and even my shadow wants to die,
my soul is exhausted and there are no more tears to cry.
The sun won't set in my lonely world anymore,
and now the moon won't ever again rise in the night.

I question my existence and the gasps of my breath,
maybe I should welcome myself in the arms of death.
Who would notice a worthless soul even pass by,
I only lived in the world that I created in my head.

If you remember me then remember my every word,
and the reasons why I always felt so damaged and hurt.
Miss the frozen tendrils my shadow once left behind,
in this dark and horrid; cold and evil consumed world.

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