Friday, 22 January 2016

Dear Nofa

Your cherished smile; so lovely; so warm when given,
A meaning and miracle to life for those who are living.
Your heart, a red coloured diamond from the seven skies,
and yet we can still see your glow from furthest distance.

Your eyes are like the very sun and the moon,
a beauty in cycle; dawn and dusk flowing in tune.
Your grace beyond the imagination of provided mind,
you are but a flower; so beautifully proud in bloom.

Your presence is joy to my life; your absence like death,
there is no world without you to heal my very breath.
A second alone without a chance to see your smile,
Also becomes another moment lost; another regret.

You hold so much meaning; a space in the puzzle of my heart,
and you seem to fit so perfectly among the shining stars.
Dear friend, I would do all in my control to see you happy again,
whatever sacrifice I must make to bring you back from afar.

When it rains; the heavens cry to see you in such sorrow,
and the dark clouds threaten your happiness for tomorrow.
A shadow that engulfs the night with no more stars to see,
a sight that could leave one's soul to feel so hollow.

Your smile is a lighthouse; a minaret to this world,
and this sentence does no justice as I have not the words.
All the happiness you seek and the joy that you deserve,
It will eventually arrive; as nothing nor I could measure your worth.

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