Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dark days

Sometimes it seems like I can see my thoughts flying away,
as if my head was overflowing and It had no room to stay.
I never want to share them with anyone afraid of what they might say,
cause even now I can't even hear what my heart says.

People laugh at me and just say that I seem to be crazy,
but nobody understands what it's like when I want someone to save me.
The world is dark; I can't see anything; it seems to be hazy,
And I'm drowning in my depression; please somebody embrace me.

We live in a world where people joke about mental health,
as if it's not real and it's something concocted in our heads.
Anxiety and depression are just as real as the taste of death,
something we fight for with every moment of our breaths.

It's a disease that causes one to be overwhelmed,
and if you've never faced it; consider yourself blessed.
But doesn't mean it's not real; people are struggling,
show some sympathy to those who'd rather face death.

Let's show awareness for a problem for which we unite,
a problem that causes many of us to separate and divide.
That which causes the devil to come to work and play,
and pray on the victims who find it weak to even sigh:

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