Friday, 1 January 2016

An Illusionary Love

I saw you and I know you saw me,
you caught my smile as it grew.
Your life was so different before me,
a spirit still yet exploring her youth.

It was the first day of our untold story,
a cliche yes; of a love to bring joy.
A tale passed on; each word with glory,
and the same enthusiasm in our voice.

It was your glance that stole my heart,
the rhythm that once beat without song.
And suddenly now I could see the stars,
you've brightened all that was ever wrong.

Your hands that used to land in my palms,
a stirring in my heart that found no word.
Moments in your eyes; I had lost my heart,
and instantly you became my entire world.

I felt like a traveller who found new lands,
an emotion spoken about in heroic myths.
You were as treasure buried deep in sand,
undiscovered gold forging infinite bliss.

But like a dream; you fade upon morning,
and all of a sudden I have nothing left.
My heart in tears and forever in mourning,
a shattered soul on the brink of death.

It's like you never even really existed;
were you just a desire; an illusion?
How cruel can life be; this pain inflicted,
I once had hope like of a flower; in moments it's blooming.

If you don't understand why I cry,
then just stay away from purpose.
Stand there and just watch me die,
it's better than to face the hurting. 

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