Friday, 29 January 2016

A Poetic Confession

If I had to put into a few words,
the things that I loved about you,
they would overflow in this world,
because it isn't enough for the truth.

If I had to start from letters A to Z,
to talk about your every perfection,
I would surely run out of breath,
Even mirrors don't have your reflection.

Your eyes were the reasons I would live,
jewels of heaven imbued within you.
You are the reason I want to exist,
your beauty far exceeding the moon.

Yet this all seems fabled like a story,
as if you are but the image of a dream.
Tales of incomprehensible bliss and glory,
and you are more magical than you seem.

Your heart but a crimson stone to cherish,
your soul a rarity beyond all imagination.
Your beauty could never fade or perish,
a blissful dream drawn within animation.

Dare I confess my admiration or desire,
to inform thee of what my heart holds?
To tell you of emotions blazing like fire,
or that of which is beyond my very soul?

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