Saturday, 30 January 2016


I have a pen that wants to travel across the lines,
in sentences that go well together; in words that rhyme.
A never ending trail of ink that thinks from it's own mind,
pages covered in a sonnet that'd be sung until the end of time.

My heart has it's own story that it's cried and bled for,
and the tears created a path that would knock on death's door.
Every step that I could ever take would only make me regret more,
even my sighs have lost all life to be consumed by the dead's law.

It was like I was imprisoned in a dark room with but an hourglass,
watching the sands of time drop one by one as the hour passed.
Alone with my shadow that couldn't even be seen,
It was that same feeling like remembering my devoured past.

The devil could only just sit and watch as I endured,
laughing at the sight he beheld with nothing to distort.
I was suffering in myself and he hadn't even played a part,
because he knows, he knows that tasting my pain is secured.

I have journeyed on the path of life always on my own; always alone,
I have needed no one as my shadow accompanied me.
I still felt alone even with the hundreds of contacts on my phone,
and I trembled so ruggedly; as if arms pulled by strings of puppetry.

I wish only that someone would find the hope in my eyes,
a dying plea to be saved from the torture of my mind.
A desire to one day see a clearer and more beautiful sky,
with the sun above us all; so divine and in heavenly shine.

A wish to be picked up from where I had fallen,
to be taken away from the darkness that was calling.
An empty heart that needs to be filled with love again,
perhaps cupid will lead me again to that love to fall in.

Friday, 29 January 2016

A few memories

What are these distorted images that we all have,
A recollection of past events that have passed.
Images conjured of things that had once occurred,
memories we call them, thoughts that we grasp.

Some of which we want to keep and remember,
Some of which we want to forever leave and forget.
Some of which are from the cold of December
some of which are just a lonely haunting regret.

And they become more than mere memories,
because it simply wasn't in our unchanged destiny.
Things that were simply just not meant to be,
contradicting our chemistry and all thoughts of serenity.

We fought hard just to let things go and let it be,
no stories left to tell and no remaining legacies.
I dared not to ask forgiveness for my felonies,
instead I remained indulgent in all of my melodies.

Things that pass become a mere fleeting thought,
a conflicting struggle in mind; an internal war.
I desire so much to forget and rid of these memories,
but how can I forget the happiness that you had once brought?

Memories. It's all that is left of us.
You are gone now; I don't have your touch.
Not your whisper; not our loving lust,
or the lyrics of the songs that we sung.

A Poetic Confession

If I had to put into a few words,
the things that I loved about you,
they would overflow in this world,
because it isn't enough for the truth.

If I had to start from letters A to Z,
to talk about your every perfection,
I would surely run out of breath,
Even mirrors don't have your reflection.

Your eyes were the reasons I would live,
jewels of heaven imbued within you.
You are the reason I want to exist,
your beauty far exceeding the moon.

Yet this all seems fabled like a story,
as if you are but the image of a dream.
Tales of incomprehensible bliss and glory,
and you are more magical than you seem.

Your heart but a crimson stone to cherish,
your soul a rarity beyond all imagination.
Your beauty could never fade or perish,
a blissful dream drawn within animation.

Dare I confess my admiration or desire,
to inform thee of what my heart holds?
To tell you of emotions blazing like fire,
or that of which is beyond my very soul?

Thursday, 28 January 2016


That was barely the last word,
in fact we never really said goodbye.
It's funny because you were my world,
And I still remember how we said hello and hi.

Yet why does it still hurt knowing that 
you were my hardest farewell  even though you never said it?

Why is it that we have memories of ecstatic joy but I only remember you leaving?
It was like you were never there but my memories keep reminding me of my feelings.

I feel like I'm bleeding, it's supposed to hurt,
yet I'm numb remembering the smile that made me fall.

These are probably nothing to you; nothing but words,
and you'll let me feel dumb that I would have given you my all.

You were like lightning; struck me hard and fast,
and as bright as the sun would ever shine.
But in an instant you fled into my past,
and sunk deep into the back of my mind.

It's as if you were nothing; just another day that passed by,
and my love for you is just a painful dream.
But it hurts me so; and I wish this life would just pass by,
because I don't want to nurture a hateful plea.

I have so many questions that I have always wanted to ask,
but how can I when you will forever be absent?
I'll just let them haunt me until I can let go of my past,
and erase you from ever being a part of my breath.

My heart used to beat in rhythm of your name,
your eyes pierced my soul and set me aflame.
I used to yearn for your hugs in the pouring rain,
but you just want to run; like it was but a game.

We created a life within a life,
because those memories set me alive.
They gave me serenity in my smiles,
and a new peace in my lonely eyes.

I guess I was just hoping; like all people do,
and you took me from when I was just new.
I never knew love until you showed me the truth,
and you snatched it back because that was just you.

I was always in love with you.
You just never chose to hear it.
And I don't know how you felt.
maybe you left because you feared it...

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dark days

Sometimes it seems like I can see my thoughts flying away,
as if my head was overflowing and It had no room to stay.
I never want to share them with anyone afraid of what they might say,
cause even now I can't even hear what my heart says.

People laugh at me and just say that I seem to be crazy,
but nobody understands what it's like when I want someone to save me.
The world is dark; I can't see anything; it seems to be hazy,
And I'm drowning in my depression; please somebody embrace me.

We live in a world where people joke about mental health,
as if it's not real and it's something concocted in our heads.
Anxiety and depression are just as real as the taste of death,
something we fight for with every moment of our breaths.

It's a disease that causes one to be overwhelmed,
and if you've never faced it; consider yourself blessed.
But doesn't mean it's not real; people are struggling,
show some sympathy to those who'd rather face death.

Let's show awareness for a problem for which we unite,
a problem that causes many of us to separate and divide.
That which causes the devil to come to work and play,
and pray on the victims who find it weak to even sigh:

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Letter From My Heart

I sent her a letter from my heart:

You paint the skies; day and night; in colours so vividly bright,
you freeze time as you pass and soar and as you blissfully glide.
You are but an angel enchanting the veil over our eyes,
A beauty, such beauty that just cannot be described.
Your heart is the crimson gem that heaven keeps safe,
A precious ornament stored within you and blessed by your grace.
Your eyes are the reflection of a beauty found in dreams,
yet even so you would be as majestic the same in rain.
Let the fires blaze they would say passing through days,
as the magic would change, and your beauty heals the pain.
You are divine through time and space and yet it's prayed,
that you would one day be our hope and saving grace.

And she replied:

Your words are meaningful and have heart, lets run away together, away from all of the city lights, where no one knows our names yet, and we can see the stars in the beautiful night sky, we'll camp out in the open and gaze upon each others eyes, 
We'll own nothing more than we need, we'll watch sun rises color the sky, we'd be away from all of society's eyes, this; our own journey will be scary.
But we'll leave without hesitance or even a plan, and I know that everything will be alright, as long as you are here holding my hand.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Dear Nofa

Your cherished smile; so lovely; so warm when given,
A meaning and miracle to life for those who are living.
Your heart, a red coloured diamond from the seven skies,
and yet we can still see your glow from furthest distance.

Your eyes are like the very sun and the moon,
a beauty in cycle; dawn and dusk flowing in tune.
Your grace beyond the imagination of provided mind,
you are but a flower; so beautifully proud in bloom.

Your presence is joy to my life; your absence like death,
there is no world without you to heal my very breath.
A second alone without a chance to see your smile,
Also becomes another moment lost; another regret.

You hold so much meaning; a space in the puzzle of my heart,
and you seem to fit so perfectly among the shining stars.
Dear friend, I would do all in my control to see you happy again,
whatever sacrifice I must make to bring you back from afar.

When it rains; the heavens cry to see you in such sorrow,
and the dark clouds threaten your happiness for tomorrow.
A shadow that engulfs the night with no more stars to see,
a sight that could leave one's soul to feel so hollow.

Your smile is a lighthouse; a minaret to this world,
and this sentence does no justice as I have not the words.
All the happiness you seek and the joy that you deserve,
It will eventually arrive; as nothing nor I could measure your worth.

Friday, 15 January 2016

My Life, My Hell - Spoken Word

All my life I have always been stepped on,
a soul who was always ignored,
and somebody nobody was impressed of.
They say that there's always an open door,
but I'm too weak to carry on where I left off.
and I was made fun of; brutally and raw,
and I was always weaker than I let on.

I was always looked at like I was different,
words could break me in a mere instant.
Nobody cared and nobody would listen,
I didn't look in a way people wanted me to,
so I always stayed away and kept distant.

Everybody would use words to find a way to break me,
but it's words that have strengthened me and made me.
We live in a world where everything becomes hazy and crazy,
and I needed someone to embrace me to save me,
I'm just a humble poet; you could choose to love me or hate me.
I have a memory which I only tend to remember vaguely,
it's been horrible and I've been loosing myself lately.
I need a friend to lean on; a friend I can trust,
somebody who could stop death in his tracks because it wants to erase me.

I have a heart too but people have left me broken,
there's nothing left; my fault for keeping myself open.
And there's never a minute; never a single moment,
where my tears would stop flowing for a second,
and I would not have to live my life just hoping.

I'm ugly, that's what society has made me now believe,
and people judge me like I'm an outsider to humanity,
I feel so deceived, and in constant search for some kind of relief.
My mind is fighting a struggle; my thoughts give me no peace,
I just want some kind of ease, somebody listen; somebody please.

I don't want to cry anymore; I need to be the man I'm supposed to be
but I'm being forever dragged down by whispers,
and they're telling me that will never be support for me,
and I should follow the rules that society will impose on me.
Nobody will catch my tears and sooth the pain I feel,
and I'm to embrace the shadow of the devil that proposed to me.

I just want to find a light that will lead me out of this hell,
I need to learn how to stop listening to the things that people will tell.
I wish I could find a way to avoid this reality,
and yet find peace in believing in myself.
The devil forever finding people with a soul to sell,
but not me, I will hold on to this life I was given,
and finally find an escape from this world that is hell.
I will write many poems that tell stories of the way that I felt,
and destroy every ounce of remorse and regrets that are left.
But the world shall remain forever dumb, blind and deaf,
and this shall be my destiny,
to keep a heart that shall remain dead.
And this is the last of my breath,
whatever I can manage from a sigh,
and the fatigue I feel in my head.
I have been running and  avoiding the  arms of death,
trying to beat and cheat the obstacles of life,
trying to find a way to pass the final test.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Melody Of Life

The gentle touch of a warm breeze that would caress ears,
upon the rising light of a brand new sun to gracefully shine.
The ambience of a morning beginning with chirps that we hear,
a beautiful painting composed by the repeating cycle of time.

Skies of blue as if touched by the reflection of a clear ocean,
A blessing from destinations from beyond the reach of mind.
Only what we see can perfectly display our stirring emotions,
and yet it seems this is just the start for our eyes.

We have seen nothing yet believe to have seen everything,
life is limited within our thoughts that tend to repeat.
A circular thinking that prevents the belief of many things,
miracles are visible beyond the picture of our vague dreams. 

The soaring birds that rip through the clouds that drift by,
aircrafts that we constructed seem to follow them.
It is by our hands that have invented the very code we live by,
but our desires linger on and have still left us hollow then.

Allow the sun to find sleep as it lowers it's majesty,
setting fire to the skies it once rested itself upon.
An orange of red that causes magnificence to suppress blasphemy,
and as the darkness engulfs us; let us hear the star's songs.

Even the angels sleep during the dance of the moon,
a silent night wherein we seek only rest and sleep.
Nightmares invade our minds and forewarn impending doom,
yet they too are only images of yet another kind of dream.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

My Singing Heart

I begin my mornings with thoughts of your wonderful smile,
your beautiful eyes that I seem to get lost in for a while.
My heart that sings a new with each new rising sun,
an arson committed on the skies that seems to stretch for miles.

The angels dance in divine grace for you truly exist,
a beauty such as yours can only ever be found in dreams.
A fantasy that will embrace us in the moment that we kiss,
I need your heart, my beloved, so I may finally be complete.

You paint the heavens a colour elegant as you pass,
a transparency of your beauty like looking through glass.
Finding you is truly a miracle from the seven skies above,
I wish I would have met you in a previous time that has passed.

Your love is now my only desire and my only wish,
a dream to make you mine so we may share in infinite bliss.
You keep my heart alive just knowing that you are real,
fantasies invade my dreams of when we might kiss.

I long for your embrace; your soul healing touch,
words are not enough to tell you that I miss you much.
I melt in your presence and know that my heart is yours,
and the world will freeze in time when we finally hug.

I will be your Romeo but we shall forever and always live,
and I shall love you more so because you are my gift.
Do not despair for I shall always be truly yours,
let us make a new memory of whatever we have missed.

You are the reason my hand serenades my words,
a verse of love to show to the unsatisfied world.
The reason that my heart has now become a singing poet,
to match even Shakespeare and what he had learnt.

My hearts speaks melodies of what may be destiny,
I believe sincerely that you are truly meant for me.
We shall be more than the treasures of a few memories,
as no scientist will ever have the answer to our chemistry. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Exhausted Heart

Break my heart into pieces and imagine each one screaming,
Openly Wounded; Barely breathing; Profusely Bleeding.
Life took me down a path on which I was defeated,
And it deceived me with everything I ever believed in.

My shadow even fears the solitude that I face,
even whispers seem silent in such an empty space.
To think I've never once found my own saving grace,
I don't believe that there will ever be a better place.

My tears are now even too tired of always crying,
my heart is exhausted of gasping and sighing.
The stars in the tender dark loosing light and crying,
and the world today forever and always lying.

Somebody save me; somebody embrace me,
my tears are falling cause it's been hell lately.
Death is fighting  so very hard to try and erase me,
or is it all in my head; am I just going crazy?

My heart is broken and even my shadow wants to die,
my soul is exhausted and there are no more tears to cry.
The sun won't set in my lonely world anymore,
and now the moon won't ever again rise in the night.

I question my existence and the gasps of my breath,
maybe I should welcome myself in the arms of death.
Who would notice a worthless soul even pass by,
I only lived in the world that I created in my head.

If you remember me then remember my every word,
and the reasons why I always felt so damaged and hurt.
Miss the frozen tendrils my shadow once left behind,
in this dark and horrid; cold and evil consumed world.

Friday, 1 January 2016

An Illusionary Love

I saw you and I know you saw me,
you caught my smile as it grew.
Your life was so different before me,
a spirit still yet exploring her youth.

It was the first day of our untold story,
a cliche yes; of a love to bring joy.
A tale passed on; each word with glory,
and the same enthusiasm in our voice.

It was your glance that stole my heart,
the rhythm that once beat without song.
And suddenly now I could see the stars,
you've brightened all that was ever wrong.

Your hands that used to land in my palms,
a stirring in my heart that found no word.
Moments in your eyes; I had lost my heart,
and instantly you became my entire world.

I felt like a traveller who found new lands,
an emotion spoken about in heroic myths.
You were as treasure buried deep in sand,
undiscovered gold forging infinite bliss.

But like a dream; you fade upon morning,
and all of a sudden I have nothing left.
My heart in tears and forever in mourning,
a shattered soul on the brink of death.

It's like you never even really existed;
were you just a desire; an illusion?
How cruel can life be; this pain inflicted,
I once had hope like of a flower; in moments it's blooming.

If you don't understand why I cry,
then just stay away from purpose.
Stand there and just watch me die,
it's better than to face the hurting.