Sunday, 20 December 2015

You Can't Save Me

It seems even my tears weep for the pain I have faced,
they pray souls should never have to suffer without grace.
A heart so torn; so tired; so broken and smashed to pieces,
and now so demoralised to even stay in it's place.

Life has taught me nothing except I don't deserve a smile,
or joy and happiness; it will forever be a testing trial.
Even Adele could not sing about such a sorrowful life,
her voice could not put to place a light in my eyes.

I've seen, I've felt, I've lived all of my days in sorrow,
with each experience I'm just feeling even more hollow.
I'll soon be an empty shell with no more emotions to feel,
drained of a living heart with no hope for tomorrow.

You can't save me when I'm already doomed for despair,
You can't save me when my shattered heart is beyond repair.
You can't save me because in reality no body really cares,
You can't save me because the truth is life is just unfair.

Everyone in life have only reminded me why I'm worthless,
and that's the truth; and people know I choose my words best.
I couldn't even live for myself; I have nothing to believe,
the violent screams of my heart could even hurt death.

The cold touch in my lifeless words that I speak,
and the dry crimson that flows from me when I bleed.
Disregarded in everybody's eyes was something I feared,
drowning in the laughters of the shadows I hear at my defeat.

There isn't a second where my heart will not cry,
my very shadow is tearing it self apart and wants to die.
I'm a diminished soul wanting to leave this pathetic life,
and if you want to understand; just look into my eyes.

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