Thursday, 10 December 2015

Please love yourself

Nobody can tell you who you are meant to be,
or who you really are and how to fight your destiny.
Nobody can show you any of your memories,
or even change the way that you're meant to feel.

You are your own person, don't let others define you,
your heart is your identity; voices that are not yours will blind you.
If you allow the whispers to grasp you; the world will defy you,
Only you and your emotions can mentally refine you.

You're a beautiful person and you don't need to please the world,
you live for yourself and only you will know your worth.
It's easy to be dragged down by a barrage of inflicting words,
but if you love yourself, they will never really hurt

People can be cruel but that's how we are divided,
It is only a dream of the majority for all of us to be united.
Look in the mirror and love the person that you see,
and the make the first change to life; you can revive it.

You may think no one cares but it breaks hearts to see,
A damaged soul who can't believe in who he or she is or who to be.
You may not think it but people truly want to see you smile,
being happy in who you are; who you have always been

Love yourself so others will know why to love you too,
Love yourself because you are you and no one else is you.
Love yourself because you live for your own single truth,
Love yourself because even your heart wants you to.

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