Friday, 4 December 2015

#OGHealTheWorld - Cyber Bullying

We live in a society where nobody wants to follows rules,
A world where evil is roaming freely and people are cruel.
Injustices from corner to corner and not a thing anyone will do,
It's just being allowed to happen and this is the truth.

A major cause is some of the things that people say online,
thinking that their victims will just turn another blind eye.
Little do they know that this tends to kill them inside,
and when left with no choice they resort to suicide.

This needs to stop now and this certainly needs to change,
We should be causing smiles not a lot of grief and pain.
A world we all share together along with the sun and rain.
It is only love that can unite us; lets destroy all of the hate.

A perfect world where you and I; he and she and they can smile,
those who have felt they have lost happiness in a very long while.
The real change starts from us from when we open our eyes,
and consider everyone's lives just as important as our own life.

The cyber bullies tend to make people feel low and worthless,
and care little for what they cause; the grief and the hurting.
Nothing else has given us so much more of a stronger purpose,
hashtag OGHealTheWorld because it will all be worth it.

But it's not just cyber bullying; it's bullying of any kind,
injustices  that come in all different forms and size.
Hashtag OGhealtheworld so we can cure the morally blind,
and give a better life to those who deserve to smile.

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