Monday, 21 December 2015

My Love Letter

My heart beats a song of untold story and rhyme,
A drum like rhythm to flow and find the end of  time.
Your beauty forever etched into the orifice of my mind,
And the world passing by; forever leaving us behind.

With thoughts of you filling my empty head,
And the touch of your love upon my very breath.
We once thought life was just a deadly test,
How wrong were we when we are to face a heavy death.

In your absence my heart beats faster than it ever would,
as both mind and heart miss you more than they possibly could.
I can't imagine living a life without you ever being in it,
you are forever in my heart; being as you always should.

Wind chimes sound sweet in a breeze but not as your voice,
the morning skies ablaze by the sun's morning light.
Bliss can only be justified in the pleasantness of your joy,
forever sounding out and away some mourning cries.

Your aura is that of divine singing from the seventh,
A beauty rarely found within all of the corners of heaven.
If grace was defined then surely it is by your blessing,
an angel not taught to us in any of our lessons.

Do your wings caress the passing clouds so gentle,
your halo touching the edge of the universe's temple.
Your shroud so pristine; so white; the colour an angel wears,
A beauty that would cause even the world to tremble.

Should this ever reach you; know it is a letter from my heart,
Passing through the many dances of the glorious stars.
Royal Mail First Class manages to pierce through the dark.
Read it or discard it; my soul shall never be kept afar.

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