Monday, 28 December 2015

Poetically Referred

There's nothing left in my words,
no meaning; not a sound to be heard.
No remorse for the people they've hurt,
constructing the rules of this damn world.
A heartache is something that I deserve,
for the actions I took even after I learnt. 
Looking in the mirror defining my worth,
asking why my mother gave me birth.
I'm afraid. I don't want to be burned,
by those very fires that came first.
I lived too long with my face in the dirt,
passing each day believing I was cursed.
And every night seemed to just get worse,
cry for me if you ever see me in a hearse.
my passion is an unquenchable thirst,
but I can't write; I wait for life to revert.
a scattered mind like the stars dispersed,
even I don't know things that I've inferred.
you may think these are just a few words,
but this is my life; just poetically referred.
So many things for which my heart yearns,
yet desire sometimes causes infinite hurt.
I used to be able to serenade a verse,
now I feel like a balloon waiting to burst.

Monday, 21 December 2015

My Love Letter

My heart beats a song of untold story and rhyme,
A drum like rhythm to flow and find the end of  time.
Your beauty forever etched into the orifice of my mind,
And the world passing by; forever leaving us behind.

With thoughts of you filling my empty head,
And the touch of your love upon my very breath.
We once thought life was just a deadly test,
How wrong were we when we are to face a heavy death.

In your absence my heart beats faster than it ever would,
as both mind and heart miss you more than they possibly could.
I can't imagine living a life without you ever being in it,
you are forever in my heart; being as you always should.

Wind chimes sound sweet in a breeze but not as your voice,
the morning skies ablaze by the sun's morning light.
Bliss can only be justified in the pleasantness of your joy,
forever sounding out and away some mourning cries.

Your aura is that of divine singing from the seventh,
A beauty rarely found within all of the corners of heaven.
If grace was defined then surely it is by your blessing,
an angel not taught to us in any of our lessons.

Do your wings caress the passing clouds so gentle,
your halo touching the edge of the universe's temple.
Your shroud so pristine; so white; the colour an angel wears,
A beauty that would cause even the world to tremble.

Should this ever reach you; know it is a letter from my heart,
Passing through the many dances of the glorious stars.
Royal Mail First Class manages to pierce through the dark.
Read it or discard it; my soul shall never be kept afar.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

You Can't Save Me

It seems even my tears weep for the pain I have faced,
they pray souls should never have to suffer without grace.
A heart so torn; so tired; so broken and smashed to pieces,
and now so demoralised to even stay in it's place.

Life has taught me nothing except I don't deserve a smile,
or joy and happiness; it will forever be a testing trial.
Even Adele could not sing about such a sorrowful life,
her voice could not put to place a light in my eyes.

I've seen, I've felt, I've lived all of my days in sorrow,
with each experience I'm just feeling even more hollow.
I'll soon be an empty shell with no more emotions to feel,
drained of a living heart with no hope for tomorrow.

You can't save me when I'm already doomed for despair,
You can't save me when my shattered heart is beyond repair.
You can't save me because in reality no body really cares,
You can't save me because the truth is life is just unfair.

Everyone in life have only reminded me why I'm worthless,
and that's the truth; and people know I choose my words best.
I couldn't even live for myself; I have nothing to believe,
the violent screams of my heart could even hurt death.

The cold touch in my lifeless words that I speak,
and the dry crimson that flows from me when I bleed.
Disregarded in everybody's eyes was something I feared,
drowning in the laughters of the shadows I hear at my defeat.

There isn't a second where my heart will not cry,
my very shadow is tearing it self apart and wants to die.
I'm a diminished soul wanting to leave this pathetic life,
and if you want to understand; just look into my eyes.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Please love yourself

Nobody can tell you who you are meant to be,
or who you really are and how to fight your destiny.
Nobody can show you any of your memories,
or even change the way that you're meant to feel.

You are your own person, don't let others define you,
your heart is your identity; voices that are not yours will blind you.
If you allow the whispers to grasp you; the world will defy you,
Only you and your emotions can mentally refine you.

You're a beautiful person and you don't need to please the world,
you live for yourself and only you will know your worth.
It's easy to be dragged down by a barrage of inflicting words,
but if you love yourself, they will never really hurt

People can be cruel but that's how we are divided,
It is only a dream of the majority for all of us to be united.
Look in the mirror and love the person that you see,
and the make the first change to life; you can revive it.

You may think no one cares but it breaks hearts to see,
A damaged soul who can't believe in who he or she is or who to be.
You may not think it but people truly want to see you smile,
being happy in who you are; who you have always been

Love yourself so others will know why to love you too,
Love yourself because you are you and no one else is you.
Love yourself because you live for your own single truth,
Love yourself because even your heart wants you to.

Friday, 4 December 2015

#OGHealTheWorld - Cyber Bullying

We live in a society where nobody wants to follows rules,
A world where evil is roaming freely and people are cruel.
Injustices from corner to corner and not a thing anyone will do,
It's just being allowed to happen and this is the truth.

A major cause is some of the things that people say online,
thinking that their victims will just turn another blind eye.
Little do they know that this tends to kill them inside,
and when left with no choice they resort to suicide.

This needs to stop now and this certainly needs to change,
We should be causing smiles not a lot of grief and pain.
A world we all share together along with the sun and rain.
It is only love that can unite us; lets destroy all of the hate.

A perfect world where you and I; he and she and they can smile,
those who have felt they have lost happiness in a very long while.
The real change starts from us from when we open our eyes,
and consider everyone's lives just as important as our own life.

The cyber bullies tend to make people feel low and worthless,
and care little for what they cause; the grief and the hurting.
Nothing else has given us so much more of a stronger purpose,
hashtag OGHealTheWorld because it will all be worth it.

But it's not just cyber bullying; it's bullying of any kind,
injustices  that come in all different forms and size.
Hashtag OGhealtheworld so we can cure the morally blind,
and give a better life to those who deserve to smile.