Tuesday, 17 November 2015

you should know...

I think it's finally about time for you to actually know,
things that I've denied; scared to tell you the truth.
And honestly It doesn't matter that you'll say no,
as long as you finally know how it is that I fell for you.

It was the first moment your smile had caught me,
and those beautiful eyes caught a glimpse in mine.
I knew that I had fallen; I panic every time you call me,
and your beauty is carved into the stone of my mind.

Every time that you would simply just pass and walk by,
my heart in ecstasy used to forever in rhythm dance away
In your divine elegance and bliss you seem to soar skies,
and I just seem to be taking all my chances today.

I dream of days where I might once get to hold you,
and we would share our lives together hand in hand.
But it's just a dream; my dream and that's the cold truth,
because the way I feel about you; you will never understand.

I finally understand why Romeo had wanted to die,
a love unbearable to live without in this lonely life.
Thinking she was dead so he decided to join her,
two souls of two lovers floating to heavenly skies.

I would pass minutes of a stare at you when I could,
to appreciate such a beauty in such a horrible world.
You are the blessing and the reason for everything good,
and I just can't find for the life of me the right words.

To my beloved; I will always love you as I always have,
on my heart that longs for your love with every beat.
It does not matter that I will just fade into your past,
just as long as you know; that will be my final peace.

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