Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sincerely Yours

I just hope this letter reaches you on time,
because it seems I'm running all out of it.
It feels like years and you're still on my mind,
and you probably won't like the sound of it.

I wonder what you've felt inside ever since,
because I lost my ways to the dreadful dark.
Do you remember in moments that we kissed
silent minutes when you tugged on my heart.

The songs that we chose to be ours alone,
and memories shared to never be forgotten.
I would just stare at your number in my phone,
wondering how much you must have blossomed.

I hope this letter reaches you swift and safely,
there was so much that I wanted you to know.
I'm no longer at a point where you can save me,
but just know this before I finally have to go.

I have always loved you since I first set eyes,
not a moment passed where I'd not remember.
And today I lay here; and you no longer mine,
dwelling in the warmth we shared in December.

You were the life in my every rhyming word,
the reason I drew breath in the new morning.
You were what I lived for; my entire world,
and now that I've lost you; I'm forever mourning.

You will always be in the centre of my heart,
sincerely yours; forever yours in soul and mind.
and as I die I shall look upon you from the stars,
sincerely yours; forever yours till the end of time.

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