Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I'm Ugly

Staring in the mirror and I'm feeling like I'm faceless,
I believe nothing anymore; I'm now completely faithless.
I stopped giving a shit on what destiny and what fate is,
cause I wore my heart on my sleeve and people just wanted to break it.

I'm feeling so lost lately; and nobody can ever save me,
It will take more than just a few sympathetic people to embrace me.
I used to stand strong like a wall; and nothing would ever phase me,
but now I want to hide away from the world as if everyone hates me.

I'm ugly. I'm ugly. This is what I say everyday to my reflection,
A cold simple truth and theres not a single thing about me that isn't defective.
No one hates me more than I hate myself and it's a perspective,
One I shall always keep; and it doesn't matter cause I was never respected.

I'm ugly, I'm ugly. A fact that shall live with me forever till I die,
And nothing will change; even if I started bleeding from my eyes.
My heart will scream its pain for the whole universe to hear,
but in the end; in the end this will always be my damn life.

I'm ugly; I'm ugly, gosh why are people so damn cruel,
relentless in judging me for the way I look; it's societies rules.
I'm the definition of rejection; neglected always rejected,
and always getting my hopes up and getting played like a fool.

No one will ever understand how painful it is to live in solitude,
I've always tried to be a good person and always honest too.
I just don't meet the standards of society in this evil world,
and even friends leave my side and break their promise too.

I' m not a spoken word artist; I don't give life to my voice,
I find it so difficult to even find a path to a choice.
If I could muster the courage and a little bit of stength,
maybe I could give myself some reasons to rejoice.

But this is life; and some see it as an exam and a test,
and the result is always the same; it always ends in death.
It's what comes after; what we are remembered for,
what difference we made to a society barely passing a breath.

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