Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hey There Pretty Girl

Hey there pretty girl don't lose your smile,
travel through life with your head held high.
I know it's hard but it will soon get better,
one day you'll find your heavenly wings to fly.

I know sometimes things get a little tough,
and you just feel like completely giving it all up.
I've been there too and it's a really dark place,
but one day you'll finally find a fairy tale love. 

Hey there pretty girl; why do you frown?
What is it that seems to be getting you down?
Is it life pushing you in the wrong direction?
Push it back and find another way around!

Sometimes depression holds you in it's grasp,
and you feel there's no escape; you're trapped.
Like the whole world is on your two shoulders,
and you find yourself again dwelling in your past.

Hey there beautiful girl; I'm here if you need me,
If you need a friend; it'll get easier believe me.
Put that knife down; bleeding is not the answer,
I'll save you from it all; just keep on breathing.

Your smile is beautiful; so make this world shine,
don't drown in a darkness and lose your mind.
Your eyes when they sparkle gives us all life,
so smile beautiful, remember this and just smile.

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