Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Muslim's Plea On Friday The 13th

It was Friday the 13th; a day for the devil at work,
And he got his bonus by causing an infliction to the world.
Paris, Japan, Beirut, Lebanon, all victims to his cause,
and the lives that he took have caused us all to hurt.

It was so unexpected; we thought this day was just a story,
but it seems that the devil truly wanted to find his glory.
Through terror he inflicted such pain across the nation,
and relished in the tears and cries of those who were mourning.

And today the finger points towards Muslims though not at fault,
criminals hijacked the name of a peaceful religion without pause.
No one is giving sympathy to the Muslims who also prayed that day,
And stood by the victims without even a second thought.

Do you know that once 1400 years ago a funeral took place,
and the Prophet ﷺ stood in respect even without knowing his face.
He was informed it was a jew and the Prophet ﷺ still said,
" Is he not human?" And they then laid him to rest.

Muslims were not allowed to harm children or women during war,
nor kill those who fled or surrendered; this was his law.
 Nor cut a tree; nor harm an animal; nor harm a religious building or priest,
And forbidden was to take any slave from those who were free.

God gave the Muslims permission to defend as they were being killed,
This was 1400 years ago and much has changed ever since.
This group has come by claiming to act in Islam's name,
but the Muslims are unanimous that they will burn in hell's abyss.

They plague the purity of the peace that Islam had spread,
from nation to nation; to love our neighbours as best.
These violent and inhuman thugs are certainly not muslim,
not by name; not by action and certainly not by death.

We plead to the world to disassociate us with this group, 
as we only seek a peaceful life just as any other's truth.
We seek happiness and prosperity with families and youth,
and we wish to share this world alongside with all of you.

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