Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hey There Pretty Girl

Hey there pretty girl don't lose your smile,
travel through life with your head held high.
I know it's hard but it will soon get better,
one day you'll find your heavenly wings to fly.

I know sometimes things get a little tough,
and you just feel like completely giving it all up.
I've been there too and it's a really dark place,
but one day you'll finally find a fairy tale love. 

Hey there pretty girl; why do you frown?
What is it that seems to be getting you down?
Is it life pushing you in the wrong direction?
Push it back and find another way around!

Sometimes depression holds you in it's grasp,
and you feel there's no escape; you're trapped.
Like the whole world is on your two shoulders,
and you find yourself again dwelling in your past.

Hey there beautiful girl; I'm here if you need me,
If you need a friend; it'll get easier believe me.
Put that knife down; bleeding is not the answer,
I'll save you from it all; just keep on breathing.

Your smile is beautiful; so make this world shine,
don't drown in a darkness and lose your mind.
Your eyes when they sparkle gives us all life,
so smile beautiful, remember this and just smile.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

you should know...

I think it's finally about time for you to actually know,
things that I've denied; scared to tell you the truth.
And honestly It doesn't matter that you'll say no,
as long as you finally know how it is that I fell for you.

It was the first moment your smile had caught me,
and those beautiful eyes caught a glimpse in mine.
I knew that I had fallen; I panic every time you call me,
and your beauty is carved into the stone of my mind.

Every time that you would simply just pass and walk by,
my heart in ecstasy used to forever in rhythm dance away
In your divine elegance and bliss you seem to soar skies,
and I just seem to be taking all my chances today.

I dream of days where I might once get to hold you,
and we would share our lives together hand in hand.
But it's just a dream; my dream and that's the cold truth,
because the way I feel about you; you will never understand.

I finally understand why Romeo had wanted to die,
a love unbearable to live without in this lonely life.
Thinking she was dead so he decided to join her,
two souls of two lovers floating to heavenly skies.

I would pass minutes of a stare at you when I could,
to appreciate such a beauty in such a horrible world.
You are the blessing and the reason for everything good,
and I just can't find for the life of me the right words.

To my beloved; I will always love you as I always have,
on my heart that longs for your love with every beat.
It does not matter that I will just fade into your past,
just as long as you know; that will be my final peace.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Muslim's Plea On Friday The 13th

It was Friday the 13th; a day for the devil at work,
And he got his bonus by causing an infliction to the world.
Paris, Japan, Beirut, Lebanon, all victims to his cause,
and the lives that he took have caused us all to hurt.

It was so unexpected; we thought this day was just a story,
but it seems that the devil truly wanted to find his glory.
Through terror he inflicted such pain across the nation,
and relished in the tears and cries of those who were mourning.

And today the finger points towards Muslims though not at fault,
criminals hijacked the name of a peaceful religion without pause.
No one is giving sympathy to the Muslims who also prayed that day,
And stood by the victims without even a second thought.

Do you know that once 1400 years ago a funeral took place,
and the Prophet ﷺ stood in respect even without knowing his face.
He was informed it was a jew and the Prophet ﷺ still said,
" Is he not human?" And they then laid him to rest.

Muslims were not allowed to harm children or women during war,
nor kill those who fled or surrendered; this was his law.
 Nor cut a tree; nor harm an animal; nor harm a religious building or priest,
And forbidden was to take any slave from those who were free.

God gave the Muslims permission to defend as they were being killed,
This was 1400 years ago and much has changed ever since.
This group has come by claiming to act in Islam's name,
but the Muslims are unanimous that they will burn in hell's abyss.

They plague the purity of the peace that Islam had spread,
from nation to nation; to love our neighbours as best.
These violent and inhuman thugs are certainly not muslim,
not by name; not by action and certainly not by death.

We plead to the world to disassociate us with this group, 
as we only seek a peaceful life just as any other's truth.
We seek happiness and prosperity with families and youth,
and we wish to share this world alongside with all of you.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sincerely Yours

I just hope this letter reaches you on time,
because it seems I'm running all out of it.
It feels like years and you're still on my mind,
and you probably won't like the sound of it.

I wonder what you've felt inside ever since,
because I lost my ways to the dreadful dark.
Do you remember in moments that we kissed
silent minutes when you tugged on my heart.

The songs that we chose to be ours alone,
and memories shared to never be forgotten.
I would just stare at your number in my phone,
wondering how much you must have blossomed.

I hope this letter reaches you swift and safely,
there was so much that I wanted you to know.
I'm no longer at a point where you can save me,
but just know this before I finally have to go.

I have always loved you since I first set eyes,
not a moment passed where I'd not remember.
And today I lay here; and you no longer mine,
dwelling in the warmth we shared in December.

You were the life in my every rhyming word,
the reason I drew breath in the new morning.
You were what I lived for; my entire world,
and now that I've lost you; I'm forever mourning.

You will always be in the centre of my heart,
sincerely yours; forever yours in soul and mind.
and as I die I shall look upon you from the stars,
sincerely yours; forever yours till the end of time.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I'm Ugly

Staring in the mirror and I'm feeling like I'm faceless,
I believe nothing anymore; I'm now completely faithless.
I stopped giving a shit on what destiny and what fate is,
cause I wore my heart on my sleeve and people just wanted to break it.

I'm feeling so lost lately; and nobody can ever save me,
It will take more than just a few sympathetic people to embrace me.
I used to stand strong like a wall; and nothing would ever phase me,
but now I want to hide away from the world as if everyone hates me.

I'm ugly. I'm ugly. This is what I say everyday to my reflection,
A cold simple truth and theres not a single thing about me that isn't defective.
No one hates me more than I hate myself and it's a perspective,
One I shall always keep; and it doesn't matter cause I was never respected.

I'm ugly, I'm ugly. A fact that shall live with me forever till I die,
And nothing will change; even if I started bleeding from my eyes.
My heart will scream its pain for the whole universe to hear,
but in the end; in the end this will always be my damn life.

I'm ugly; I'm ugly, gosh why are people so damn cruel,
relentless in judging me for the way I look; it's societies rules.
I'm the definition of rejection; neglected always rejected,
and always getting my hopes up and getting played like a fool.

No one will ever understand how painful it is to live in solitude,
I've always tried to be a good person and always honest too.
I just don't meet the standards of society in this evil world,
and even friends leave my side and break their promise too.

I' m not a spoken word artist; I don't give life to my voice,
I find it so difficult to even find a path to a choice.
If I could muster the courage and a little bit of stength,
maybe I could give myself some reasons to rejoice.

But this is life; and some see it as an exam and a test,
and the result is always the same; it always ends in death.
It's what comes after; what we are remembered for,
what difference we made to a society barely passing a breath.