Saturday, 10 October 2015

When my smile returned to me...

Up until now I thought I had lost my way,
I would think to myself "where are you today".
You were a light in life that kept me standing,
and now I'm running out of words to say.

Your beauty was unparalleled in this world,
and you were what beautified my every word.
You were the poetry in my heart I rehearsed,
and the reason I could never feel hurt.

You made me invincible; cause you were there,
and I kept on going because I knew you cared.
You were my rock; my pillar; my cushion so soft,
my shoulder to lean on when I needed repair.

And how I was lost the day that you had left,
I felt like the best way out was a taste of death.
I couldn't keep suffering the things in my head,
cause out of everything good you're the best.

Today you're here again and my life is revived,
you're the reason I can continue to feel alive.
You still are the best thing in my entire life,
you're the world that I see in my eyes.

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