Saturday, 3 October 2015

Specks Of Light

The skies are encompassed with specks of light,
stars we call them; balls of gas burning bright.
Our mind challenges us with everything we sight,
questions and pursuing doubts in hearts arise.

Why can't we ever seem to find an answer,
why isn't there still yet a cure for cancer?
It seems that in reality; it's reality that deceives,
it created an illusion of everything we believe.

A conflict of the life that we live and our lonely dreams,
from the moment we wake till the moment we sleep.
A blazing fire that loses it's embers in the howling winds,
and the shadow that haunts us like our prowling sins.

At times it's hard for us to believe that we can win,
the world comes with darkness as well as light. 
It's up to us to keep the faith that we might 
just find the places we dream at night.

When one thing passes, there seems to be another yet to grasp.
We're all guilty of living in the past.
There is worry and fear in everything we hold dear.
Clouded judgement that stops us seeing clear. 
The only hope we have is to hold on to all that is dear. 
To remind ourselves it's ok to shed a tear.
We as humans have so many unanswered questions.
Who, when, why and how?
Am I living now?
Life's challenges could force us to crawl,
So many people we had to watch fall.
No powers to change what's real, to take away the pain we feel.
But we believe that's what makes us real,
Taking the good and then the bad gives us strength we never had.
The power of what we feel is what keeps us real.
So look up to the Specks of light,
When your mind is full at night.
See your vision and hold it tight.
Because if we keep up the inner power of ourselves then we might just reach our
 dreams that burn so bright.

Written by myself and @xItsCloe

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