Thursday, 8 October 2015

National Poetry Day

A thousand stories unfold in words of rhyme,
tales of glory; tales that imprison our minds.
We stay forever stuck in thoughts that rise,
contemplation that never runs out of time.

How can one sentence cause so much war,
a conflict in our heads that inflict a pause.
How can one sentence be-still our hearts,
and force our beats to bow to the laws.

This is poetry and today is national poetry day,
can one even imagine what the poets will say?
Pens will be dancing leaving trails of flowing ink,
and some poets don't even need time to think.

The stories are fables that leak from the heart,
without gasp or pause; without a single thought.
Towers of light hidden yet illuminating the dark,
with it comes the poetry from what they saw.

Some lament in the history of their past lives,
like looking through the world in a glass eye.
Some recorded every day that ever passed by,
and left it a memory to die in a past life.

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