Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Dead Heart

Not even a pin drop silence can be heard inside,
a dead heart in which the devil did once invite.
So many emotions that haunted me in life,
and caused so many tears to swell in my eyes.

There's nothing; it's empty; like a hollow room,
a melody with no song; a harp with no tune.
A world similar to ours with no sun and no moon,
like flowers in spring that haven't  yet bloomed.

A pen lying still on a blank piece of paper,
no ink to leave behind a trail of it's favour.
A lift that won't go up; stuck in an elevator,
and no soul to fly away to meet it's creator.

Why do I feel nothing; Where has it all gone,
no colour to paint my life in my own song.
I can't find the path I was following; I'm lost,
and now I won't find a life to stumble upon.

Tears flow like streams; a drizzle like rain,
It's pain; yes but a different kind of pain.
It takes it all away; and extinguishes your flame,
and regresses to naught but a lonely name.

I know not my identity; I have only my memories,
and I know not what's meant for me; or destiny.
I know not of what is meant to be so I let it be,
because I used to believe it would set me free.

The problems of the heart remain with the mind,
an internal conflict that leaves us forever blind.
I have nothing left; I have nothing left inside,
and everything I once loved has surely died.

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  1. OMG this is just sooo good , I felt the agony and pain while reading it, it's a masterpiece, Keep going