Thursday, 29 October 2015

A mother's broken heart

I never even had the chance to hold you in my arms,
and I promised that I'd always keep you from any harm.
but death took you before you even got to see this world,
so inside me; with a boney finger he had stopped your heart.

You were a part of me even though only for a few days,
and in that time I had thought of so many names.
Ripped away from me before I could even call you mine,
like my soul had been set ablaze dying with the flames.

My world had come crashing down and my heart broken,
was this pre-destined? did I fail to see the omens?
I loved you so much even though I didn't know you,
but you being inside of me; I forever kept on hoping.

The thought of whether you were a boy or girl haunts me,
and the shadow of death remains behind to taunt me.
To remind me that I have lost that which I never really had,
and remembering my own mother; the mother that had bore me. 

I miss you; and I sincerely wish that I had met you,
and do all that I can in my strength to protect you.
But he's taken you away from me for eternity,
and I'll never get to hear your sneeze and get a chance to say "bless you"

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