Thursday, 29 October 2015

A mother's broken heart

I never even had the chance to hold you in my arms,
and I promised that I'd always keep you from any harm.
but death took you before you even got to see this world,
so inside me; with a boney finger he had stopped your heart.

You were a part of me even though only for a few days,
and in that time I had thought of so many names.
Ripped away from me before I could even call you mine,
like my soul had been set ablaze dying with the flames.

My world had come crashing down and my heart broken,
was this pre-destined? did I fail to see the omens?
I loved you so much even though I didn't know you,
but you being inside of me; I forever kept on hoping.

The thought of whether you were a boy or girl haunts me,
and the shadow of death remains behind to taunt me.
To remind me that I have lost that which I never really had,
and remembering my own mother; the mother that had bore me. 

I miss you; and I sincerely wish that I had met you,
and do all that I can in my strength to protect you.
But he's taken you away from me for eternity,
and I'll never get to hear your sneeze and get a chance to say "bless you"

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Dead Heart

Not even a pin drop silence can be heard inside,
a dead heart in which the devil did once invite.
So many emotions that haunted me in life,
and caused so many tears to swell in my eyes.

There's nothing; it's empty; like a hollow room,
a melody with no song; a harp with no tune.
A world similar to ours with no sun and no moon,
like flowers in spring that haven't  yet bloomed.

A pen lying still on a blank piece of paper,
no ink to leave behind a trail of it's favour.
A lift that won't go up; stuck in an elevator,
and no soul to fly away to meet it's creator.

Why do I feel nothing; Where has it all gone,
no colour to paint my life in my own song.
I can't find the path I was following; I'm lost,
and now I won't find a life to stumble upon.

Tears flow like streams; a drizzle like rain,
It's pain; yes but a different kind of pain.
It takes it all away; and extinguishes your flame,
and regresses to naught but a lonely name.

I know not my identity; I have only my memories,
and I know not what's meant for me; or destiny.
I know not of what is meant to be so I let it be,
because I used to believe it would set me free.

The problems of the heart remain with the mind,
an internal conflict that leaves us forever blind.
I have nothing left; I have nothing left inside,
and everything I once loved has surely died.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

When my smile returned to me...

Up until now I thought I had lost my way,
I would think to myself "where are you today".
You were a light in life that kept me standing,
and now I'm running out of words to say.

Your beauty was unparalleled in this world,
and you were what beautified my every word.
You were the poetry in my heart I rehearsed,
and the reason I could never feel hurt.

You made me invincible; cause you were there,
and I kept on going because I knew you cared.
You were my rock; my pillar; my cushion so soft,
my shoulder to lean on when I needed repair.

And how I was lost the day that you had left,
I felt like the best way out was a taste of death.
I couldn't keep suffering the things in my head,
cause out of everything good you're the best.

Today you're here again and my life is revived,
you're the reason I can continue to feel alive.
You still are the best thing in my entire life,
you're the world that I see in my eyes.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

National Poetry Day

A thousand stories unfold in words of rhyme,
tales of glory; tales that imprison our minds.
We stay forever stuck in thoughts that rise,
contemplation that never runs out of time.

How can one sentence cause so much war,
a conflict in our heads that inflict a pause.
How can one sentence be-still our hearts,
and force our beats to bow to the laws.

This is poetry and today is national poetry day,
can one even imagine what the poets will say?
Pens will be dancing leaving trails of flowing ink,
and some poets don't even need time to think.

The stories are fables that leak from the heart,
without gasp or pause; without a single thought.
Towers of light hidden yet illuminating the dark,
with it comes the poetry from what they saw.

Some lament in the history of their past lives,
like looking through the world in a glass eye.
Some recorded every day that ever passed by,
and left it a memory to die in a past life.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Touch Of Death

Skies of white and the gentle touch of cold,
a shivering spine to the core of our souls.
The crows are crying, an afternoon so windless,
the emergence of the mythical like the sinless.

Colours reverting to shades of black and white,
lives turning into inanimate sets of lost eyes.
The once brown leaves turn a sight of grey,
and the dying trees now forget to pray.

Heart beats slow by the passing of death,
a minus temperature in our gasping breaths.
This isn't a nightmare we see lying in our beds,
questions rising in our heads; is life but a test?

Death waits for none; grimacing in the shadows,
he is everywhere; even within walls so narrow.
A touch of frost from head to toe; a still heart,
this is the touch of death tearing you apart.

We live to reach; to accomplish and to succeed,
in goals, ambitions and in happiness we seek
but we forget that even we are on a time limit,
and death shall not hesitate to inflict and finish

And as we close our eyes to meet our sleep,
the sister of the spectre that we fear to meet.
A thought; a fading hope if we shall live to wake,
and with our gentle sleep decides our very fates.

Specks Of Light

The skies are encompassed with specks of light,
stars we call them; balls of gas burning bright.
Our mind challenges us with everything we sight,
questions and pursuing doubts in hearts arise.

Why can't we ever seem to find an answer,
why isn't there still yet a cure for cancer?
It seems that in reality; it's reality that deceives,
it created an illusion of everything we believe.

A conflict of the life that we live and our lonely dreams,
from the moment we wake till the moment we sleep.
A blazing fire that loses it's embers in the howling winds,
and the shadow that haunts us like our prowling sins.

At times it's hard for us to believe that we can win,
the world comes with darkness as well as light. 
It's up to us to keep the faith that we might 
just find the places we dream at night.

When one thing passes, there seems to be another yet to grasp.
We're all guilty of living in the past.
There is worry and fear in everything we hold dear.
Clouded judgement that stops us seeing clear. 
The only hope we have is to hold on to all that is dear. 
To remind ourselves it's ok to shed a tear.
We as humans have so many unanswered questions.
Who, when, why and how?
Am I living now?
Life's challenges could force us to crawl,
So many people we had to watch fall.
No powers to change what's real, to take away the pain we feel.
But we believe that's what makes us real,
Taking the good and then the bad gives us strength we never had.
The power of what we feel is what keeps us real.
So look up to the Specks of light,
When your mind is full at night.
See your vision and hold it tight.
Because if we keep up the inner power of ourselves then we might just reach our
 dreams that burn so bright.

Written by myself and @xItsCloe