Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Two Faces Of Love

Love is the warm ocean breeze, playfully pushing hair across your face 
And familiarizing itself with each individual strand. 
It encompasses you in an inviting embrace: 
The matching puzzle pieces to the empty spaces in your hand.    

It is the rising of the morning sun after the darkest of nights. 
Awaiting the warmth it brings; watching intently as it grows. 
The sun committed arson, and set blaze to the sky. 
A beautiful array of painted colors portrayed perfectly in ones soul.   

It is the adventurous journey, not the destination. 
With love, life ceases to be inert upon a realization. 
You are no longer stuck standing still at a station.
It was just the beginning to an unforgettable vacation.

A fantasy to many who desire a blissful dream,
A poison that flows through the blood like streams.
A ball and chain weighing down the soul; everything's heavy,
A burden on the chest when the new morning is ready.

A heart of two sides; yet it's still only the veil of love,
A foundation that contains both deceit and trust.
Why does it sometimes end in a fountain of blood,
maybe love is sometimes confused with the shadow of lust.

A broken heart is a disaster of epic pain and hurt,
there are limited words to describe a shattered world.
A suffocating soul subjugated to the torments heart ache,
would we listen if we could hear everything our hearts say?

Composed by Maavi and Tina

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