Saturday, 15 August 2015


How do we describe it when our lonely hearts fight,
the inconceivable beauty of the very blissful starlights.
Do we indulge on what we see with our hearts eyes?
Understanding our thoughts is truly hard, right?

Sometimes we are forced to our knees till our tears fall,
and those moments are the same when our fears call.
An overwhelming darkness that grasps our very souls,
but when and if we ever smile again; will it heal all?
Lets pray to God; the almighty one deity that hears all,
blessing us in times of darkness like the light that reveals halls.

Do we contemplate on the miracles of life that pass by,
Do we create our own perceptions and theories of our past lives?
Everything we see; that we perceive with our own eyes,
do we believe it at first or do our thoughts die?

A struggle of the soul; a conflict against temptations and desires,
The mystic embers within the essence of a blazing fire.
So many truths we are yet to grasp and understand,
to which height will we reach on the luminous pyre? 

The sun when it sets in orange and red magnificence,
there is no beauty like it; or ever has been.
The moon in full gleaming awe; on which wishes are made,
Could it alone be something that changes many fates?

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