Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My heart beats no more

My heart has stopped beating,
I can't find the same feelings.
Why does it feel like I'm bleeding,
you were the reason I kept breathing,
and for you my mind had kept pleading.

Today my mind has different thoughts,
the internal conflict has ended; no more wars.
My heart wanted you; but my mind doubted,
the question was asked; is love just a door?
Or are there other ways and paths around it?

Does another open when this one closes,
or does it just stay shut till it's found?
I used to just stare at it wilfully hoping,
Never shedding a tear; never making a sound,
and waiting for the absolute right moment.

Then you found your way into my life,
making all sorts of promises to dry my eyes.
I never once doubted what you called truth,
and decided to just make you forever mine,
and eventually I fell; I had fallen in love with you.

Yet you came; you promised and you still left,
and now theres a limit to my very last breath.
This pain makes me yearn for the touch of death,
It's unbearable; the despair currently in my head,
And for many sleepless nights I find no rest.

You broke my heart like so many others,
how false you were when you had told me,
that you had wanted to be my child's mother,
I'm so glad it ended before you could hold me.
A false little devil; and there'll be another.

You wasted my time; you wasted my affections,
Why did I love you so; you were an infection.
What was the cure and remedy for love,
because from cupids deadly poison; 
there seems to be no  protection.

You were an infliction; you started wars,
From little to no reason.
And though I gave you more than my all,
You still wanted more.
I guess you changed quicker than the seasons,
and I've lost my hope to love anymore.

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