Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Nostalgic Memory

Where am I?
Where are we?
It feels like I've been here,
and you have too.

Insides our eyes,
things that we see,
A reality of our fears,
escaping from a truth.

Yet it feels so old,
like a memory within my soul.
Have we been here before,
have we passed through the same door?

Am I awake,
am I sleeping?
I can't find answers,
but I know I'm breathing.

I remember this feeling,
once dwelling in a dream.
Smiling while I was bleeding,
captured by the timeless beams.

It's nostalgic; this place,
this emptiness and abyss.
Yet by some unknown grace,
I can still feel a bliss. 

I remember it; and you remember too,
like the heart of Decembers truth.
It's a memory that we've lived,
sometimes despair;
yet sometimes a gift.

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