Friday, 17 July 2015

Lonely Ever After

You're just standing there,
alone on the street waiting.
Acting like nobody really cares,
and tired of the games you were playing.
It's been years since we've spoken,
and I start to hear the words that left me broken.
I don't know how to feel right now,
should I approach or wait for the moment?

I'm across the street but you haven't noticed,
just like when we were supposedly together.
You said you were in love but I wasn't noticed,
how did I ever think that we would last forever?
I tried, I cried, I sighed and gave you it all,
and I said the same when I gave you a call.
It never phased you like when you didn't text,
and you just left me on my knees to crawl.

After giving you what my heart could give,
after thinking it was your idea of a heavenly bliss,
you detested me for loving you
and walked away with another guy,
I destroyed my doubts so I could love trusting you.

You left me without even a word,
casually in the arms of that guy.
I made you my entire world,
and you just left out of my sight.
Wasn't my heart enough for you,
Was my love too rough for you?
I did everything I possibly could,
but all it was it seems was lust to you.

Today I see you after so many years too soon,
 on the street with that hopeless look of misery.
Do you regret walking away from your truth,
and mourn on the days that've become history?
You're just standing there in the pouring rain,
in that same jacket;your hands in your pocket.
and as you take your hands out I feel pain,
you're crying over my memento; that locket.

The one I gave you when I said I loved you,
and there wasn't anyone above you.
Your tears of regret are obvious through the rain,
and I can even feel the very same hurtful pain.
You look across and you see me,
and I can tell your heart is broken.
Wishing you never decided to leave me,
you're struggling to come across,
wondering if my heart is still open.

And as you approach, a woman links my arms,
and I walk away staring back at you from afar.
I had found a soul that appreciated my worth,
and truly understood the magic behind my words
And you break down onto your knees crying,
the way I did when you left after I kept trying.
You've finally realised how I felt that day,
and today you wish now that you were dying.

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