Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Love To Forget

I have a thousand words hidden away,
locked away in a feeble struggling heart.
I seem to love you a little more every day,
and it forces away from me the troubling dark.

Surely God had spent a little more time on you,
creating the perfection that you have become.
The one that steals my heart the way you do,
and the melodies we hear that the angels sung.

Indulging in dictionaries trying to find a word,
but yet none do justice to describing you.
Nor can my love even be measured in this world,
and it is beyond the realm of many truths.

Your image is carved on the door of my mind,
and my heart races glaring at it's elegance.
My poetic rhythm seems so lovingly blind,
it is you that captivates me in all relevance.

Your eyes entrap me in it's ultimate capture,
I drown in it's majesty perhaps falling in love.
Your heart is surely side by side with mind,
and my soul you have raptured,
it is only for you that yearning is in my eyes.

Dear beloved,
Perhaps this is a love I could not tell,
And maybe I deserve to be in the depths of hell.
So I shall with hold this truth from you,
and allow someone else to take your heart 
Maybe this just isn't my truth,
you deserve to be amongst the stars.

So you shall never know,
the magic I once nurtured,
and today I shall go,
knowing that I couldn't hurt her.

Maybe I shall forever shed tears,
filled with pain of eternal regret.
Asking myself why I had feared,
to confess my love for whom I fell

But you deserve better and I'm not the best,
Your beauty is undeniable by even the heavens
and that love lives in my every breath,
you were surely my life's blessings.

but maybe we are not fate or destiny,
and I'm to fade away to unknown memories.
I'll walk away knowing that it wasn't meant to be,
and the dream of your love wasn't meant for me.

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