Monday, 29 June 2015

You destroyed me

I just started building my heart again,
taking in each passing day as it flies.
Glue-ing together the pieces I lost with pain,
and that sparkle I once had in my eyes.
You came to me as a wonderful mystery,
rejuvenating the rhythm of my dead heart.
I was afraid at first because of my history,
but then you turned out to be a star.
You brightened my life the way you smiled,
and the way you cared was amazing.
Never found love in a very long while,
it was a feeling like a fire that started blazing.
I fell in love with you unaware of your truth,
never expecting that you'd be the same.
And suddenly the skies stopped being blue,
and my heart was filled with nothing but pain.
Shattered, broken, torn and ripped apart,
contradictory to the promise that you made.
I had just rebuilt that once broken heart,
and you turned out to be just another fake.
My heart is bleeding the pain that you've caused,
my eyes leak the screams that remain unheard.
I can't ever possibly trust you anymore,
A pain indescribable by any of my words.
You've destroyed everything.
I've now lost my will.
I wanted to be so many things,
now I want to be killed.
I don't want to live.
I have nothing left to give.
I'm now bereft of emotion,
just like a dried up ocean.
No more sound of the sea,
And in you
I don't know what I had seen.
And now..

You've destroyed me.

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