Wednesday, 10 June 2015


I can't seem to stand strong in life,
because just when it seems like I do,
someone has to take a shot in my eyes,
and try to disparage me from the truth.

I believe in the hidden morals of people,
the kindness and peace; not the evil.
That one day only nice words would be said,
But that a remains a dream ever so feeble.

A world where bullying no longer exists,
both in real life and on the internet.
A world full of serenity and peaceful bliss,
and immorality fading away like infrared.

Why can't women believe in who they are,
now they wear make up with damaged hearts.
Why can't they always be made to feel loved,
like the lights in the night; the beautiful stars.

I just wish that one day the world will change,
that we can all share life in the same place.
Standing together watching the fire blaze,
also united to watch the new rain,
dry out the old flames.

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