Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Shadow's Comforting Whisper

I hear the voices in my head, I fear my choices are being read.
doubts, questions and thoughts that want to escape my breath.
A silent night yet I still hear somebody talking; whispering,
it's my own conscious; my shadow will no longer rest.

The moon and it's awe would paralyse many of this world in wonder,
a disbelief that such beauty could be contained and plundered.
The sun in it's majesty during the light of day and it's zenith,
and the rainbow that appears after the voices of thunder.

Stars embedded in the blanket of darkness like lights of neon,
A light for all to adore from the city-folks to the peasants and pion.
just when my will was fading; a hope seems to always be found,
and it also seems that I will always have a hope to lean on.

I was drowning in misery; I couldn't grasp on to my life,
and I thought it was all ending when I lost my sight.
but unexpectedly and miraculously my shadow whispered,
"Never give up my friend, you are yet to open your eyes"

It felt like my own shadow had grasped my falling hand,
and lifted me to my feet in order to again take a stand.
A support unexpected and unbelievable yet so real,
It would follow me till the end of my every plan.

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