Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What was she worth?

She's weak; she's crying; she's hurt,
you did nothing but call her a word.
Ugly; That's what you said to her,
oblivious but you've broken her world.

You didn't stab her; you didn't hit her,
but you despised every moment you were with her.
you believed she wasn't good enough for you,
so you stupendously forced yourself to kiss her.

You lied to her and you deceived her,
how can you dare to deceive her?
She loved you with all her heart,
and she did everything for you to believe her.

She was honest; she was loyal and true,
and she did everything to prove her love to you.
But you broke her and you left her to cry,
and you didn't even bother to wipe her eyes.

You destroyed her dreams and her hopes,
her soul; burdened with what she coped.
You called her ugly right at the very end,
and suddenly she's let go of the rope.

She doesn't want to live anymore,
she doesn't know what to think anymore.
You've taken everything away from her,
and forced her to forget everything she ever saw.

she's broken to pieces while you just walk away,
so easily done while you simply live another day.
Forgetting she ever mattered; just a memory,
and if she dies of sorrow; what would you say?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Even My Tears Hurt

My tears fall too often,
like river streams.
My fears call too often,
in different dreams.

A lonely life it will be,
fate has made that for me.
Solitude and darkness,
everything that's for me.

Broken and shattered,
sharp and cracked pieces.
Nothing ever mattered,
not even my feelings.

It hurts so very much,
living my life alone.
There's no one to touch,
and no one at home.

Even my tears hurt,
and my heart is screaming.
Even my fears curse,
and my heart is bleeding.

Not a single word,
in this dreadful world,
will be enough
for how much it hurts...

Friday, 1 May 2015

Tears You'll Never Hear

You were the reason I would want to live another day,
You were the reason that I used to forget what I wanted to say.
You were the reason why misery never really bothered me,
You were the reason why I used to enjoy dancing in the rain.

You were the reason my smiles would fall off of my face,
You were the reason I contemplated beyond time and space,
of the seven heavens that God had made,
and which one you were from.
You were the reason my heart would beat every day.

Your friendship was my oxygen; my support in life,
and I cherished it as I did my own life; my guiding light.
We were well connected like the signal on our phones,
and you were the reason people found joy in my eyes.

Everyday that passed I always used to find your name,
Every day that passed you would ease away my pain.
You were my best friend; and we both made promises,
but today those promises have long since burnt in flames.

I miss you.
You're a memory that's haunting me,
and I hate your absence; it's taunting me.
I see you on twitter; scared to tweet you,
wishing that you'd realise that I want you to be calling me.

You're not here, you've become a hole in my heart,
A broken memory that's fading and growing ever so far.
Our bond used to shine brighter than all of the stars,
And now I'm alone; missing you in the depths of the dark.
I need you, I miss you, I love you,
words I'll never be able tell you again.
How is it that life tore us apart?