Thursday, 16 April 2015


I spend my days fighting regrets and doubts,
trying to hope and work for a better world.
A place where society accepts all grounds,
and not shun a soul through inflicting words.

I spend my lonely days hiding my face away,
because no one understands what it feels like.
To be called "ugly"; that's all they ever say,
but unaware they remain of what's behind my eyes.

My heart is damaged; my mind is lost,
My soul has vanished; my sight is gone.
Oblivious to the fantasy of joy and peace,
wherein only kindness exists; but we can only dream.

Yet people are cruel; people are evil,
but that's what they are; they're people.
Can we blame them for their ignorance?
or mistakes they make for being feeble?

My tears do not define my limitless pain,
just a solitary sign that I'm simply tired.
I just want everything to instantly change,
and fulfill just one of my desires.

To be accepted.

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