Saturday, 18 April 2015

Unexpected Compassion

It's a silent night yet I hear the stars glorify your name,
In great awe they state that you are the sun after the rain.
The reason for rainbows and the way they colour skies,
Like the same colour in your beautiful eyes.

It's a silent night but even the winds tend to speak,
about the secrets of life and a goal for peace.
They speak of the soul that is contained within you,
that such a passion is only found in dreams.

How do I write of someone new to me,
yet my pen is running with it's ink.
An inspiration flawless; a great support to me,
A soul of whom even the angels sing.

I do not know how to gratify the care you've shown,
you became the friend I needed when no one else was there.
I do not know how to gratify the care that you've shown,
you've a heart inside you so precious and rare.

I hope that life will forever treat you well,
you deserve to live everyday  with a smile.
Who knows what the future could possibly tell,
days are growing longer as years become a while.

Thank you for being the support I needed,
you revived my dead passion for composing serenades.
Thank you for showing me what peace is,
you are the reason my soul will elevate.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


I spend my days fighting regrets and doubts,
trying to hope and work for a better world.
A place where society accepts all grounds,
and not shun a soul through inflicting words.

I spend my lonely days hiding my face away,
because no one understands what it feels like.
To be called "ugly"; that's all they ever say,
but unaware they remain of what's behind my eyes.

My heart is damaged; my mind is lost,
My soul has vanished; my sight is gone.
Oblivious to the fantasy of joy and peace,
wherein only kindness exists; but we can only dream.

Yet people are cruel; people are evil,
but that's what they are; they're people.
Can we blame them for their ignorance?
or mistakes they make for being feeble?

My tears do not define my limitless pain,
just a solitary sign that I'm simply tired.
I just want everything to instantly change,
and fulfill just one of my desires.

To be accepted.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Beautiful Life

A mind full of thought symbolises intelligence,
contemplating the world and how it was made.
The view is amazing yet exist the incredulous,
the skeptical; the doubtful and those who mock fate.

Explain to me the bliss of blue morning skies,
the birds chirping and the whispers of the winds.
Explain to me why the sun will always rise,
and set in the evening; it majestically but slowly sinks.

Explain to me the ambiance of a summer day,
the trees breeze and sway in conversation.
Explain to me the way of the colours praise,
the moon and stars at night; such an elegant combination.

Explain to me why we smile; why we feel joy,
why we feel sad; why we can cry our tears.
Explain to me why we have a voice,
to display those emotions whether happiness or fear.

If life isn't a miracle; If what we see isn't a miracle,
then please explain to me what really is amazing.
Explain to me in your own words even if lyrical,
why there is always something new; something changing?

I believe our lives are the most beautiful things,
this world and everything that it contains.
I believe our lives are the reasons why everything sings,
from us; to birds and even the quiet winds.