Monday, 9 March 2015

Bus Stop

I saw you at the bus stop,
hair flying with the wind.
sounding like a beautiful song,
a queen without a king.

I said Hello, and you said Hi,
I knew it was love at very first sight.
We just stared into each other's eyes,
and we didn't wanna ever say goodbye.

I fell for you when you laughed at my jokes,
this became more than just a little hope.
I missed you when we didn't talk on the phone,
I knew you were perfect; you gotta beautiful soul.

And now you got me writing silly little poems,
and in thought of you just forever hoping,
that you miss me too the way that I do,
because it seems that now I love you.

Maybe I'll call you; Maybe I won't,
this isn't real; it's just a dream.
Love isn't that easy or what it seems,
it's nothing but fantasy and false hope.

What did I see at that lonely bus stop,
everything I thought I saw is gone.
Love is a poison that infects our hearts,
and destroys us in light and in dark

1 comment:

  1. thee poem is deep, thee made me think that maybe I live in a fantasy I have dreamt of me feeling falling in love but yet it shall not feel like reality. I have been rejected like a bee entering a new hive I shall be alone and never to hold. I am not myself but thee poem made me think again.