Saturday, 21 March 2015

Like An Eclipse

Upon a serenity of dawn; the world will wake,
as our love did during the rising of the sun.
The cycle of nature follows the order of fate,
but unexpected are the melodies to come.

We spent our days together with love as shade,
bright like the sun reaching it's zenith's peak.
There isn't a memory that I'd ever want erased,
because your presence is my life's peace

Like the eclipse when the moon covers the sun,
you changed and I grew hatred for your lies.
Slowly this veiled over the melodies once sung,
and you became the reason I wept and cried.

But like an eclipse; the darkness that follows,
so did you as your deceit had deepened.
Your false love made me feel ever so hollow,
and after much endurance I am very weakened.

Like the eclipse you were gone after a while,
you had lost something you will forever regret.
You are the reason I've now lost my smiles,
like the eclipse our love had reset.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Bus Stop

I saw you at the bus stop,
hair flying with the wind.
sounding like a beautiful song,
a queen without a king.

I said Hello, and you said Hi,
I knew it was love at very first sight.
We just stared into each other's eyes,
and we didn't wanna ever say goodbye.

I fell for you when you laughed at my jokes,
this became more than just a little hope.
I missed you when we didn't talk on the phone,
I knew you were perfect; you gotta beautiful soul.

And now you got me writing silly little poems,
and in thought of you just forever hoping,
that you miss me too the way that I do,
because it seems that now I love you.

Maybe I'll call you; Maybe I won't,
this isn't real; it's just a dream.
Love isn't that easy or what it seems,
it's nothing but fantasy and false hope.

What did I see at that lonely bus stop,
everything I thought I saw is gone.
Love is a poison that infects our hearts,
and destroys us in light and in dark