Monday, 2 February 2015

My Elegy

The stars are dancing to the silent songs of the night,
the glimmer from the heavens in the dark so bright.
A world filled with crimson oceans and devastating lies,
and the earth being shaken with  screams & disdainful cries.

The doors of hell opening; the doors of heaven closing,
has evil prevailed over everything that we were hoping?
The lights of the cold night sky seem to be burning out,
and our hearts broken; invading thoughts on who broke it.

We're losing our identities as life is following destiny,
when we thought we lived for ourselves and our memories.
Things we wanted to remember instead of  just letting it be,
now we don't know what is meant to be; the reason for our felonies.

The world is becoming as flat as they used to believe it be,
contemplation resulting in an epiffany of who was deceiving me.
What seems to be isn't what it is; reality is beyond realisation,
like the shadow of the devil that was once defeating me.

The ink I write with has lost it's colour and rhythm of words,
no more meanings can be heard form listening to this world.
Suffocating from the subjugation of serenading the verse,
and drowning in my thoughts of everything that I learnt.

Everyday is one step closer to death; the grim closer to our breath,
dreaming in the silent nights while we lay in our beds.
It seems we all will live our life with at least one regret,
no one is perfect; but would it be different if we lived life like a test?

They used to call my talent legendary; that my writing is a legacy,
I refused to be called gifted; I follow only what is meant for me.
Anyone can write; anybody can rhyme and concoct melodies,
and verbally paint a picture of a future filled with peace and serenity.

I lived life avoiding enmity and indulged only in rhythmic ecstasy,
memorising the dictionary presently and pleasantly as my remedy.
They used to call my poems a verbal therapy with awe and splendidly,
Forgive me for my brevities, my felonies and my sins of avoiding destiny.

Indulge in my elegies;  captivating like chocolate's ebony,
Words I record from the core of my heart yet even so regretfully.
I forgave my enemies because I believe in one Almighty entity,
make my words a melody; and make that my identity.

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