Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Be Mine?

A wish; a desire of thy love to embrace,
the ambience of heaven that doth encase.
Intertwining the souls that we willfully share,
a revival of memories we believed we erased.

Doth thou regret falling in the arms of love,
a symbol of that bond between the flying doves.
Doth thou indulge in the aura of affection,
a humility and connection of our infatuated reflections.

From whence you met me what did you feel,
a serenade and waltz that became all too real.
Spontaneous burst of emotions turned to melody,
and the secret of cupid's arrow to  be revealed.

The morning sun that did rise on the horizon,
slowly illuminating the skies like hearts arising.
Like a flame had touched the ambience with finesse,
a blazing white and orange emblem dancing to impress.

It's like a song being sung and the lyric's don't finish,
an eternity of voices rhyming it's oath that'll never diminish.
The harps of the angels being strung in every divine second,
Will we finally accept today that love is a blessing?

The moon and stars are humbled by your elegent grace,
your beauty incomparable beyond all time and space.
It is today that I finally want to speak my overflowing mind,
my beloved, from now until the end of time,
will you commit your heart to me and be mine?

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