Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Life Of Hell

In the life that I lived I have nothing except regrets,
In choices I made and ones I wished I didn't make.
We keep our memories to remember and some to beget,
and fight every day that passes in our ultimate fate.

And in my heart I believed I would never be deceived,
because I have never deceived; yet what a foolish belief.
I loved and expected no love but received ounces of hate,
yet I hated no one because that's how I was made.

If I hear cries I would care,
if I cried no one would be there.
If someone was in pain I would help,
and if I was; it would only be myself.

There is a reservoir of pain in my heart,
held in by the walls there I myself placed.
Indestructible I thought but its breaking apart,
a fire will let lose an uncontrollable blaze.

In the life that I lived the seven heavens would shake,
and even the very foundations of hell would quake.
The devil admitted the torment that I faced in my life,
and hell could not be worse than my tribulations in his eyes.

A heart torn in pieces, shattered like glass and broken,
A heart thrown around and stepped on; vulnerable like a door left open.
A heart that is dead; a heart that's lost it's breath,
and it's beat and rhyme have finally left.

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