Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Fallen World

I'm drowning in sorrows; I will never find tomorrow,
the darkness has a grasp on me in a world so hollow.
I'm losing myself; my identity and even my memories,
to the shadow of solitude that has imprisoned my destiny.

My heart is breaking; like glass it's cracking in pieces,
baring the struggles of  life until it is defeated.
My hope is fading; My determination is on it's knees,
and everything I ever hoped to be will only remain a dream.

Subjugated to suffocation with no room to breathe,
and my heart losing it's melodious rhythm and beat.
My tears forgotten and droplets fed into the earth,
a pain so hellish that it is felt even by the world.

The stars are shaken; The heavens are quaking,
and the fires of hell are again ignited and blazing.
The world is falling into the hands of the devil,
evil chaos and havoc rampant onto it's rebels.

A suicidal voice haunts my thoughts like the shadows,
while I sit in the corner of my room with walls so narrow.
A defeated heart with no strength left to battle,
paralysed in my place like being volleyed with arrows.

my tears will forever stream my sorrows till I drown in it,
no more hope remains that I shall ever be found in it.
The light at the end of the tunnel was just death,
coming closer in the form of a train;
informing you that you have nothing left.

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