Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Crimson Streams

My heart is bleeding; Crimson streams leaking,
Losing my rhythm and my will for breathing.
Thoughts shattered like a mirror I stared at,
hopeful; wishful; but today my heart is screaming

I've lost my capacity to love; it's destroyed,
Consumed by darkness the echoes of my voice.
I question my fate; and if this is my destiny,
to live a life every day bereft of  any joy.

Engulfed in the shadows with a broken heart,
where's the light gone; where are the stars?
I'm not the same person I once used to be,
because my identity was completely torn apart.

My affections were the ink my pen would use,
A constant flow on paper rhyming words of truth.
Melodies of memories of peace and serenity,
What is destiny meant to be between old and new?

My verses were the songs that my heart sang,
odes of love that even cupid could not grasp.
Today those serenades have been silenced,
and have been pushed back into the past.

I'm suffering from an aching heart thats screaming,
yet silent to the world no matter how much it's pleading.
My soul diminished; the life of a new morning is finished,
and I shall stay in the shadows forever defeated.

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