Monday, 5 January 2015

Some Thoughts

Were there days when my rhymes raptured the everglades,
And the demon's shadow renegade would invade the serenades.
My mind adrift on the thoughts upon the mistakes I never made,
lamenting the sorrow of being captured in fires that forever blaze.
Remorse fills my heart with melodies that were never played,
I once thought it was impossible for my life to regenerate.
Conjuring fantasies in times of sleep finding we could levitate,
the harmonious peace sought for; we find when we meditate.
To the passion of the rhythms my heart will dedicate,
And elevate; engulfed in the emotions it emanates.
I find in writers block my pen seems to hesitate,
and my mind was elected as my souls delegate.
Enveloped in my passions my heart will resonate,
and my pen will run with intentions to renovate.
I live in hope that my shadows will not denigrate,
so as to forever live in the dreams that I emulate.
Forever a desire haunts me for seeking to celebrate,
to be able to live happily in a peace that will escalate.
my heart will make choices that my mind wishes to explicate,
and my pen shall forever dance to the serenades

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