Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Save Me

I have thoughts which are never silenced,
a heart screaming for someone to hear it.
In a world filled with all types of violence,
a shadowy plague taking those who fear it.

Dimensional prisons enslaving the dead minds,
souls are captured in a vortex of illusions.
The howling winds just seem to pass us by,
while the thoughts seem to consume us.

What is preached to us through the media,
lies; treachery and deceit; yet believed.
Our hope dwindles; things will never be easier,
as we live our every day lives being deceived.

All I have is a pen; will it make a difference to the world?
will anybody take some time out to read my crying words?
Will anyone feel the pain within the ink thats used to write,
and relate to me; and tell me how much it hurts?

I'm blind and have fallen victim to ignorance because the truth trusts none,
My mind is imprisoned without hinderance; I will never see the new sun.
The shadowy plague has captured me within it's haunting grasp,
erasing away my future; my present and even my past.

The stars seem to be fading and the moon is dying,
the universe is nay but an eternal stretch of darkness.
Hell is erupting and even the majestic heavens are crying,
a disturbed world where lovers have become heartless.

Wake me up from this nightmare; somebody embrace me,
I'm surrounded by such evil; can somebody save me?
Or is it just me; am I turning crazy?
Everything is hazy.
Nothing is ever certain anymore; the answer is just a "maybe".

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