Friday, 23 January 2015

A Bleeding World

Visual chaos runs havoc in a weeping world,
echoes of screaming pain in my bleeding words.
The ocean is made from nothing but tears,
a reflection of the fears we hold and self worth.

The stars are slowly fading away into darkness,
love is dying as everybody is becoming heartless.
It seems evil is free to roam in every path,
could we imagine exactly what the stars felt?

We live our lives on hope; an article now lost,
everything we ever once had is now gone.
Faith and belief are becoming nothing but myths,
and dead are now the dreams we had of bliss.

My pen is hurting at the tip leaking drops of blood ink,
silent screams I can hear synonymous to what i think.
Truth has become what we feared as nightmares,
and yet unaware we remain of what the shadow brings.

I'm lyrically paralysed when they physically analyse,
Individually agonised as my syllables detect paradise.
We sit back as we watch the world being visibly vandalised,
And how the seekers of truth are ridiculously patronised.

The winds whisper the secrets of life we never found,
The sins linger with the sight of hell and it's sound.
We have lost this war against the creeping shadows,
and are consumed by our thoughts and our doubts.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Crimson Streams

My heart is bleeding; Crimson streams leaking,
Losing my rhythm and my will for breathing.
Thoughts shattered like a mirror I stared at,
hopeful; wishful; but today my heart is screaming

I've lost my capacity to love; it's destroyed,
Consumed by darkness the echoes of my voice.
I question my fate; and if this is my destiny,
to live a life every day bereft of  any joy.

Engulfed in the shadows with a broken heart,
where's the light gone; where are the stars?
I'm not the same person I once used to be,
because my identity was completely torn apart.

My affections were the ink my pen would use,
A constant flow on paper rhyming words of truth.
Melodies of memories of peace and serenity,
What is destiny meant to be between old and new?

My verses were the songs that my heart sang,
odes of love that even cupid could not grasp.
Today those serenades have been silenced,
and have been pushed back into the past.

I'm suffering from an aching heart thats screaming,
yet silent to the world no matter how much it's pleading.
My soul diminished; the life of a new morning is finished,
and I shall stay in the shadows forever defeated.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Save Me

I have thoughts which are never silenced,
a heart screaming for someone to hear it.
In a world filled with all types of violence,
a shadowy plague taking those who fear it.

Dimensional prisons enslaving the dead minds,
souls are captured in a vortex of illusions.
The howling winds just seem to pass us by,
while the thoughts seem to consume us.

What is preached to us through the media,
lies; treachery and deceit; yet believed.
Our hope dwindles; things will never be easier,
as we live our every day lives being deceived.

All I have is a pen; will it make a difference to the world?
will anybody take some time out to read my crying words?
Will anyone feel the pain within the ink thats used to write,
and relate to me; and tell me how much it hurts?

I'm blind and have fallen victim to ignorance because the truth trusts none,
My mind is imprisoned without hinderance; I will never see the new sun.
The shadowy plague has captured me within it's haunting grasp,
erasing away my future; my present and even my past.

The stars seem to be fading and the moon is dying,
the universe is nay but an eternal stretch of darkness.
Hell is erupting and even the majestic heavens are crying,
a disturbed world where lovers have become heartless.

Wake me up from this nightmare; somebody embrace me,
I'm surrounded by such evil; can somebody save me?
Or is it just me; am I turning crazy?
Everything is hazy.
Nothing is ever certain anymore; the answer is just a "maybe".

Monday, 5 January 2015

Some Thoughts

Were there days when my rhymes raptured the everglades,
And the demon's shadow renegade would invade the serenades.
My mind adrift on the thoughts upon the mistakes I never made,
lamenting the sorrow of being captured in fires that forever blaze.
Remorse fills my heart with melodies that were never played,
I once thought it was impossible for my life to regenerate.
Conjuring fantasies in times of sleep finding we could levitate,
the harmonious peace sought for; we find when we meditate.
To the passion of the rhythms my heart will dedicate,
And elevate; engulfed in the emotions it emanates.
I find in writers block my pen seems to hesitate,
and my mind was elected as my souls delegate.
Enveloped in my passions my heart will resonate,
and my pen will run with intentions to renovate.
I live in hope that my shadows will not denigrate,
so as to forever live in the dreams that I emulate.
Forever a desire haunts me for seeking to celebrate,
to be able to live happily in a peace that will escalate.
my heart will make choices that my mind wishes to explicate,
and my pen shall forever dance to the serenades