Monday, 28 December 2015

Poetically Referred

There's nothing left in my words,
no meaning; not a sound to be heard.
No remorse for the people they've hurt,
constructing the rules of this damn world.
A heartache is something that I deserve,
for the actions I took even after I learnt. 
Looking in the mirror defining my worth,
asking why my mother gave me birth.
I'm afraid. I don't want to be burned,
by those very fires that came first.
I lived too long with my face in the dirt,
passing each day believing I was cursed.
And every night seemed to just get worse,
cry for me if you ever see me in a hearse.
my passion is an unquenchable thirst,
but I can't write; I wait for life to revert.
a scattered mind like the stars dispersed,
even I don't know things that I've inferred.
you may think these are just a few words,
but this is my life; just poetically referred.
So many things for which my heart yearns,
yet desire sometimes causes infinite hurt.
I used to be able to serenade a verse,
now I feel like a balloon waiting to burst.

Monday, 21 December 2015

My Love Letter

My heart beats a song of untold story and rhyme,
A drum like rhythm to flow and find the end of  time.
Your beauty forever etched into the orifice of my mind,
And the world passing by; forever leaving us behind.

With thoughts of you filling my empty head,
And the touch of your love upon my very breath.
We once thought life was just a deadly test,
How wrong were we when we are to face a heavy death.

In your absence my heart beats faster than it ever would,
as both mind and heart miss you more than they possibly could.
I can't imagine living a life without you ever being in it,
you are forever in my heart; being as you always should.

Wind chimes sound sweet in a breeze but not as your voice,
the morning skies ablaze by the sun's morning light.
Bliss can only be justified in the pleasantness of your joy,
forever sounding out and away some mourning cries.

Your aura is that of divine singing from the seventh,
A beauty rarely found within all of the corners of heaven.
If grace was defined then surely it is by your blessing,
an angel not taught to us in any of our lessons.

Do your wings caress the passing clouds so gentle,
your halo touching the edge of the universe's temple.
Your shroud so pristine; so white; the colour an angel wears,
A beauty that would cause even the world to tremble.

Should this ever reach you; know it is a letter from my heart,
Passing through the many dances of the glorious stars.
Royal Mail First Class manages to pierce through the dark.
Read it or discard it; my soul shall never be kept afar.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

You Can't Save Me

It seems even my tears weep for the pain I have faced,
they pray souls should never have to suffer without grace.
A heart so torn; so tired; so broken and smashed to pieces,
and now so demoralised to even stay in it's place.

Life has taught me nothing except I don't deserve a smile,
or joy and happiness; it will forever be a testing trial.
Even Adele could not sing about such a sorrowful life,
her voice could not put to place a light in my eyes.

I've seen, I've felt, I've lived all of my days in sorrow,
with each experience I'm just feeling even more hollow.
I'll soon be an empty shell with no more emotions to feel,
drained of a living heart with no hope for tomorrow.

You can't save me when I'm already doomed for despair,
You can't save me when my shattered heart is beyond repair.
You can't save me because in reality no body really cares,
You can't save me because the truth is life is just unfair.

Everyone in life have only reminded me why I'm worthless,
and that's the truth; and people know I choose my words best.
I couldn't even live for myself; I have nothing to believe,
the violent screams of my heart could even hurt death.

The cold touch in my lifeless words that I speak,
and the dry crimson that flows from me when I bleed.
Disregarded in everybody's eyes was something I feared,
drowning in the laughters of the shadows I hear at my defeat.

There isn't a second where my heart will not cry,
my very shadow is tearing it self apart and wants to die.
I'm a diminished soul wanting to leave this pathetic life,
and if you want to understand; just look into my eyes.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Please love yourself

Nobody can tell you who you are meant to be,
or who you really are and how to fight your destiny.
Nobody can show you any of your memories,
or even change the way that you're meant to feel.

You are your own person, don't let others define you,
your heart is your identity; voices that are not yours will blind you.
If you allow the whispers to grasp you; the world will defy you,
Only you and your emotions can mentally refine you.

You're a beautiful person and you don't need to please the world,
you live for yourself and only you will know your worth.
It's easy to be dragged down by a barrage of inflicting words,
but if you love yourself, they will never really hurt

People can be cruel but that's how we are divided,
It is only a dream of the majority for all of us to be united.
Look in the mirror and love the person that you see,
and the make the first change to life; you can revive it.

You may think no one cares but it breaks hearts to see,
A damaged soul who can't believe in who he or she is or who to be.
You may not think it but people truly want to see you smile,
being happy in who you are; who you have always been

Love yourself so others will know why to love you too,
Love yourself because you are you and no one else is you.
Love yourself because you live for your own single truth,
Love yourself because even your heart wants you to.

Friday, 4 December 2015

#OGHealTheWorld - Cyber Bullying

We live in a society where nobody wants to follows rules,
A world where evil is roaming freely and people are cruel.
Injustices from corner to corner and not a thing anyone will do,
It's just being allowed to happen and this is the truth.

A major cause is some of the things that people say online,
thinking that their victims will just turn another blind eye.
Little do they know that this tends to kill them inside,
and when left with no choice they resort to suicide.

This needs to stop now and this certainly needs to change,
We should be causing smiles not a lot of grief and pain.
A world we all share together along with the sun and rain.
It is only love that can unite us; lets destroy all of the hate.

A perfect world where you and I; he and she and they can smile,
those who have felt they have lost happiness in a very long while.
The real change starts from us from when we open our eyes,
and consider everyone's lives just as important as our own life.

The cyber bullies tend to make people feel low and worthless,
and care little for what they cause; the grief and the hurting.
Nothing else has given us so much more of a stronger purpose,
hashtag OGHealTheWorld because it will all be worth it.

But it's not just cyber bullying; it's bullying of any kind,
injustices  that come in all different forms and size.
Hashtag OGhealtheworld so we can cure the morally blind,
and give a better life to those who deserve to smile.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hey There Pretty Girl

Hey there pretty girl don't lose your smile,
travel through life with your head held high.
I know it's hard but it will soon get better,
one day you'll find your heavenly wings to fly.

I know sometimes things get a little tough,
and you just feel like completely giving it all up.
I've been there too and it's a really dark place,
but one day you'll finally find a fairy tale love. 

Hey there pretty girl; why do you frown?
What is it that seems to be getting you down?
Is it life pushing you in the wrong direction?
Push it back and find another way around!

Sometimes depression holds you in it's grasp,
and you feel there's no escape; you're trapped.
Like the whole world is on your two shoulders,
and you find yourself again dwelling in your past.

Hey there beautiful girl; I'm here if you need me,
If you need a friend; it'll get easier believe me.
Put that knife down; bleeding is not the answer,
I'll save you from it all; just keep on breathing.

Your smile is beautiful; so make this world shine,
don't drown in a darkness and lose your mind.
Your eyes when they sparkle gives us all life,
so smile beautiful, remember this and just smile.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

you should know...

I think it's finally about time for you to actually know,
things that I've denied; scared to tell you the truth.
And honestly It doesn't matter that you'll say no,
as long as you finally know how it is that I fell for you.

It was the first moment your smile had caught me,
and those beautiful eyes caught a glimpse in mine.
I knew that I had fallen; I panic every time you call me,
and your beauty is carved into the stone of my mind.

Every time that you would simply just pass and walk by,
my heart in ecstasy used to forever in rhythm dance away
In your divine elegance and bliss you seem to soar skies,
and I just seem to be taking all my chances today.

I dream of days where I might once get to hold you,
and we would share our lives together hand in hand.
But it's just a dream; my dream and that's the cold truth,
because the way I feel about you; you will never understand.

I finally understand why Romeo had wanted to die,
a love unbearable to live without in this lonely life.
Thinking she was dead so he decided to join her,
two souls of two lovers floating to heavenly skies.

I would pass minutes of a stare at you when I could,
to appreciate such a beauty in such a horrible world.
You are the blessing and the reason for everything good,
and I just can't find for the life of me the right words.

To my beloved; I will always love you as I always have,
on my heart that longs for your love with every beat.
It does not matter that I will just fade into your past,
just as long as you know; that will be my final peace.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Muslim's Plea On Friday The 13th

It was Friday the 13th; a day for the devil at work,
And he got his bonus by causing an infliction to the world.
Paris, Japan, Beirut, Lebanon, all victims to his cause,
and the lives that he took have caused us all to hurt.

It was so unexpected; we thought this day was just a story,
but it seems that the devil truly wanted to find his glory.
Through terror he inflicted such pain across the nation,
and relished in the tears and cries of those who were mourning.

And today the finger points towards Muslims though not at fault,
criminals hijacked the name of a peaceful religion without pause.
No one is giving sympathy to the Muslims who also prayed that day,
And stood by the victims without even a second thought.

Do you know that once 1400 years ago a funeral took place,
and the Prophet ﷺ stood in respect even without knowing his face.
He was informed it was a jew and the Prophet ﷺ still said,
" Is he not human?" And they then laid him to rest.

Muslims were not allowed to harm children or women during war,
nor kill those who fled or surrendered; this was his law.
 Nor cut a tree; nor harm an animal; nor harm a religious building or priest,
And forbidden was to take any slave from those who were free.

God gave the Muslims permission to defend as they were being killed,
This was 1400 years ago and much has changed ever since.
This group has come by claiming to act in Islam's name,
but the Muslims are unanimous that they will burn in hell's abyss.

They plague the purity of the peace that Islam had spread,
from nation to nation; to love our neighbours as best.
These violent and inhuman thugs are certainly not muslim,
not by name; not by action and certainly not by death.

We plead to the world to disassociate us with this group, 
as we only seek a peaceful life just as any other's truth.
We seek happiness and prosperity with families and youth,
and we wish to share this world alongside with all of you.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sincerely Yours

I just hope this letter reaches you on time,
because it seems I'm running all out of it.
It feels like years and you're still on my mind,
and you probably won't like the sound of it.

I wonder what you've felt inside ever since,
because I lost my ways to the dreadful dark.
Do you remember in moments that we kissed
silent minutes when you tugged on my heart.

The songs that we chose to be ours alone,
and memories shared to never be forgotten.
I would just stare at your number in my phone,
wondering how much you must have blossomed.

I hope this letter reaches you swift and safely,
there was so much that I wanted you to know.
I'm no longer at a point where you can save me,
but just know this before I finally have to go.

I have always loved you since I first set eyes,
not a moment passed where I'd not remember.
And today I lay here; and you no longer mine,
dwelling in the warmth we shared in December.

You were the life in my every rhyming word,
the reason I drew breath in the new morning.
You were what I lived for; my entire world,
and now that I've lost you; I'm forever mourning.

You will always be in the centre of my heart,
sincerely yours; forever yours in soul and mind.
and as I die I shall look upon you from the stars,
sincerely yours; forever yours till the end of time.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I'm Ugly

Staring in the mirror and I'm feeling like I'm faceless,
I believe nothing anymore; I'm now completely faithless.
I stopped giving a shit on what destiny and what fate is,
cause I wore my heart on my sleeve and people just wanted to break it.

I'm feeling so lost lately; and nobody can ever save me,
It will take more than just a few sympathetic people to embrace me.
I used to stand strong like a wall; and nothing would ever phase me,
but now I want to hide away from the world as if everyone hates me.

I'm ugly. I'm ugly. This is what I say everyday to my reflection,
A cold simple truth and theres not a single thing about me that isn't defective.
No one hates me more than I hate myself and it's a perspective,
One I shall always keep; and it doesn't matter cause I was never respected.

I'm ugly, I'm ugly. A fact that shall live with me forever till I die,
And nothing will change; even if I started bleeding from my eyes.
My heart will scream its pain for the whole universe to hear,
but in the end; in the end this will always be my damn life.

I'm ugly; I'm ugly, gosh why are people so damn cruel,
relentless in judging me for the way I look; it's societies rules.
I'm the definition of rejection; neglected always rejected,
and always getting my hopes up and getting played like a fool.

No one will ever understand how painful it is to live in solitude,
I've always tried to be a good person and always honest too.
I just don't meet the standards of society in this evil world,
and even friends leave my side and break their promise too.

I' m not a spoken word artist; I don't give life to my voice,
I find it so difficult to even find a path to a choice.
If I could muster the courage and a little bit of stength,
maybe I could give myself some reasons to rejoice.

But this is life; and some see it as an exam and a test,
and the result is always the same; it always ends in death.
It's what comes after; what we are remembered for,
what difference we made to a society barely passing a breath.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A mother's broken heart

I never even had the chance to hold you in my arms,
and I promised that I'd always keep you from any harm.
but death took you before you even got to see this world,
so inside me; with a boney finger he had stopped your heart.

You were a part of me even though only for a few days,
and in that time I had thought of so many names.
Ripped away from me before I could even call you mine,
like my soul had been set ablaze dying with the flames.

My world had come crashing down and my heart broken,
was this pre-destined? did I fail to see the omens?
I loved you so much even though I didn't know you,
but you being inside of me; I forever kept on hoping.

The thought of whether you were a boy or girl haunts me,
and the shadow of death remains behind to taunt me.
To remind me that I have lost that which I never really had,
and remembering my own mother; the mother that had bore me. 

I miss you; and I sincerely wish that I had met you,
and do all that I can in my strength to protect you.
But he's taken you away from me for eternity,
and I'll never get to hear your sneeze and get a chance to say "bless you"

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Dead Heart

Not even a pin drop silence can be heard inside,
a dead heart in which the devil did once invite.
So many emotions that haunted me in life,
and caused so many tears to swell in my eyes.

There's nothing; it's empty; like a hollow room,
a melody with no song; a harp with no tune.
A world similar to ours with no sun and no moon,
like flowers in spring that haven't  yet bloomed.

A pen lying still on a blank piece of paper,
no ink to leave behind a trail of it's favour.
A lift that won't go up; stuck in an elevator,
and no soul to fly away to meet it's creator.

Why do I feel nothing; Where has it all gone,
no colour to paint my life in my own song.
I can't find the path I was following; I'm lost,
and now I won't find a life to stumble upon.

Tears flow like streams; a drizzle like rain,
It's pain; yes but a different kind of pain.
It takes it all away; and extinguishes your flame,
and regresses to naught but a lonely name.

I know not my identity; I have only my memories,
and I know not what's meant for me; or destiny.
I know not of what is meant to be so I let it be,
because I used to believe it would set me free.

The problems of the heart remain with the mind,
an internal conflict that leaves us forever blind.
I have nothing left; I have nothing left inside,
and everything I once loved has surely died.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

When my smile returned to me...

Up until now I thought I had lost my way,
I would think to myself "where are you today".
You were a light in life that kept me standing,
and now I'm running out of words to say.

Your beauty was unparalleled in this world,
and you were what beautified my every word.
You were the poetry in my heart I rehearsed,
and the reason I could never feel hurt.

You made me invincible; cause you were there,
and I kept on going because I knew you cared.
You were my rock; my pillar; my cushion so soft,
my shoulder to lean on when I needed repair.

And how I was lost the day that you had left,
I felt like the best way out was a taste of death.
I couldn't keep suffering the things in my head,
cause out of everything good you're the best.

Today you're here again and my life is revived,
you're the reason I can continue to feel alive.
You still are the best thing in my entire life,
you're the world that I see in my eyes.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

National Poetry Day

A thousand stories unfold in words of rhyme,
tales of glory; tales that imprison our minds.
We stay forever stuck in thoughts that rise,
contemplation that never runs out of time.

How can one sentence cause so much war,
a conflict in our heads that inflict a pause.
How can one sentence be-still our hearts,
and force our beats to bow to the laws.

This is poetry and today is national poetry day,
can one even imagine what the poets will say?
Pens will be dancing leaving trails of flowing ink,
and some poets don't even need time to think.

The stories are fables that leak from the heart,
without gasp or pause; without a single thought.
Towers of light hidden yet illuminating the dark,
with it comes the poetry from what they saw.

Some lament in the history of their past lives,
like looking through the world in a glass eye.
Some recorded every day that ever passed by,
and left it a memory to die in a past life.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Touch Of Death

Skies of white and the gentle touch of cold,
a shivering spine to the core of our souls.
The crows are crying, an afternoon so windless,
the emergence of the mythical like the sinless.

Colours reverting to shades of black and white,
lives turning into inanimate sets of lost eyes.
The once brown leaves turn a sight of grey,
and the dying trees now forget to pray.

Heart beats slow by the passing of death,
a minus temperature in our gasping breaths.
This isn't a nightmare we see lying in our beds,
questions rising in our heads; is life but a test?

Death waits for none; grimacing in the shadows,
he is everywhere; even within walls so narrow.
A touch of frost from head to toe; a still heart,
this is the touch of death tearing you apart.

We live to reach; to accomplish and to succeed,
in goals, ambitions and in happiness we seek
but we forget that even we are on a time limit,
and death shall not hesitate to inflict and finish

And as we close our eyes to meet our sleep,
the sister of the spectre that we fear to meet.
A thought; a fading hope if we shall live to wake,
and with our gentle sleep decides our very fates.

Specks Of Light

The skies are encompassed with specks of light,
stars we call them; balls of gas burning bright.
Our mind challenges us with everything we sight,
questions and pursuing doubts in hearts arise.

Why can't we ever seem to find an answer,
why isn't there still yet a cure for cancer?
It seems that in reality; it's reality that deceives,
it created an illusion of everything we believe.

A conflict of the life that we live and our lonely dreams,
from the moment we wake till the moment we sleep.
A blazing fire that loses it's embers in the howling winds,
and the shadow that haunts us like our prowling sins.

At times it's hard for us to believe that we can win,
the world comes with darkness as well as light. 
It's up to us to keep the faith that we might 
just find the places we dream at night.

When one thing passes, there seems to be another yet to grasp.
We're all guilty of living in the past.
There is worry and fear in everything we hold dear.
Clouded judgement that stops us seeing clear. 
The only hope we have is to hold on to all that is dear. 
To remind ourselves it's ok to shed a tear.
We as humans have so many unanswered questions.
Who, when, why and how?
Am I living now?
Life's challenges could force us to crawl,
So many people we had to watch fall.
No powers to change what's real, to take away the pain we feel.
But we believe that's what makes us real,
Taking the good and then the bad gives us strength we never had.
The power of what we feel is what keeps us real.
So look up to the Specks of light,
When your mind is full at night.
See your vision and hold it tight.
Because if we keep up the inner power of ourselves then we might just reach our
 dreams that burn so bright.

Written by myself and @xItsCloe

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Two Faces Of Love

Love is the warm ocean breeze, playfully pushing hair across your face 
And familiarizing itself with each individual strand. 
It encompasses you in an inviting embrace: 
The matching puzzle pieces to the empty spaces in your hand.    

It is the rising of the morning sun after the darkest of nights. 
Awaiting the warmth it brings; watching intently as it grows. 
The sun committed arson, and set blaze to the sky. 
A beautiful array of painted colors portrayed perfectly in ones soul.   

It is the adventurous journey, not the destination. 
With love, life ceases to be inert upon a realization. 
You are no longer stuck standing still at a station.
It was just the beginning to an unforgettable vacation.

A fantasy to many who desire a blissful dream,
A poison that flows through the blood like streams.
A ball and chain weighing down the soul; everything's heavy,
A burden on the chest when the new morning is ready.

A heart of two sides; yet it's still only the veil of love,
A foundation that contains both deceit and trust.
Why does it sometimes end in a fountain of blood,
maybe love is sometimes confused with the shadow of lust.

A broken heart is a disaster of epic pain and hurt,
there are limited words to describe a shattered world.
A suffocating soul subjugated to the torments heart ache,
would we listen if we could hear everything our hearts say?

Composed by Maavi and Tina

Friday, 11 September 2015

Thoughts On The Bus

Just another day,
the world passing by
on the bus in haste,
absorbing with my eyes.

no time to think,
no time to ask,
questions that sink
Into a far past.

Days that fly,
life becomes less
played by time
love's transgress.

people on the bus,
strangers with no clue.
we're all travellers
to a cold fearful truth.

How did we live,
do we mourn and regret?
Did every moment we cherish,
or wish that some people we hadn't met?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Nostalgic Memory

Where am I?
Where are we?
It feels like I've been here,
and you have too.

Insides our eyes,
things that we see,
A reality of our fears,
escaping from a truth.

Yet it feels so old,
like a memory within my soul.
Have we been here before,
have we passed through the same door?

Am I awake,
am I sleeping?
I can't find answers,
but I know I'm breathing.

I remember this feeling,
once dwelling in a dream.
Smiling while I was bleeding,
captured by the timeless beams.

It's nostalgic; this place,
this emptiness and abyss.
Yet by some unknown grace,
I can still feel a bliss. 

I remember it; and you remember too,
like the heart of Decembers truth.
It's a memory that we've lived,
sometimes despair;
yet sometimes a gift.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

No Emotion To Touch

How can it be that the road is at an end,
my pen has finally run out of it's poetic ink.
The lines of the book filled; a tired pen,
and a brain that now struggles to think.

A heart in conflict with itself; so confused,
It's misguided and lost it's once home truth.
where is the pool of rhythms I once used,
lost deep in my mind; I've lost my muse.

Now I can't seem to find a word that cures,
Now I can't build sentences that will heal.
The passion is dying; all that was so pure,
And that which guided me is forever sealed.

Why do I now yearn for the cold touch of death,
why is there havoc in the depths of my head?
I have no more answers but so many questions,
and my pen just won't write again; not even a breath.

So many tears fall; my emotions imbued in the earth,
yet I can't write whatever it is in my heart that hurts.
I can't find the words; no where in this lonely world,
No escape to this prison of questioning my worth.

Whatever I felt was the fuel to the melodies I wrote,
but now I'm bereft of it; not even a glimmer of hope.
My pen stays in it's place gathering specks of dust,
just as my heart is without an emotion to touch.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My heart beats no more

My heart has stopped beating,
I can't find the same feelings.
Why does it feel like I'm bleeding,
you were the reason I kept breathing,
and for you my mind had kept pleading.

Today my mind has different thoughts,
the internal conflict has ended; no more wars.
My heart wanted you; but my mind doubted,
the question was asked; is love just a door?
Or are there other ways and paths around it?

Does another open when this one closes,
or does it just stay shut till it's found?
I used to just stare at it wilfully hoping,
Never shedding a tear; never making a sound,
and waiting for the absolute right moment.

Then you found your way into my life,
making all sorts of promises to dry my eyes.
I never once doubted what you called truth,
and decided to just make you forever mine,
and eventually I fell; I had fallen in love with you.

Yet you came; you promised and you still left,
and now theres a limit to my very last breath.
This pain makes me yearn for the touch of death,
It's unbearable; the despair currently in my head,
And for many sleepless nights I find no rest.

You broke my heart like so many others,
how false you were when you had told me,
that you had wanted to be my child's mother,
I'm so glad it ended before you could hold me.
A false little devil; and there'll be another.

You wasted my time; you wasted my affections,
Why did I love you so; you were an infection.
What was the cure and remedy for love,
because from cupids deadly poison; 
there seems to be no  protection.

You were an infliction; you started wars,
From little to no reason.
And though I gave you more than my all,
You still wanted more.
I guess you changed quicker than the seasons,
and I've lost my hope to love anymore.

Saturday, 15 August 2015


How do we describe it when our lonely hearts fight,
the inconceivable beauty of the very blissful starlights.
Do we indulge on what we see with our hearts eyes?
Understanding our thoughts is truly hard, right?

Sometimes we are forced to our knees till our tears fall,
and those moments are the same when our fears call.
An overwhelming darkness that grasps our very souls,
but when and if we ever smile again; will it heal all?
Lets pray to God; the almighty one deity that hears all,
blessing us in times of darkness like the light that reveals halls.

Do we contemplate on the miracles of life that pass by,
Do we create our own perceptions and theories of our past lives?
Everything we see; that we perceive with our own eyes,
do we believe it at first or do our thoughts die?

A struggle of the soul; a conflict against temptations and desires,
The mystic embers within the essence of a blazing fire.
So many truths we are yet to grasp and understand,
to which height will we reach on the luminous pyre? 

The sun when it sets in orange and red magnificence,
there is no beauty like it; or ever has been.
The moon in full gleaming awe; on which wishes are made,
Could it alone be something that changes many fates?

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Mirror

Looking in the mirror,
I see me as I am.
I see the same picture,
though I want to be a man.

Whenever I move it moves,
it's just a reflection of truth.
Another reality behind glass,
staring right back at you.

I lift my hand,
It lifts it's hand.
Of course it would,
It's just me as glass
I wonder if it can feel,
It couldn't be that real.
what if I punched it,
would only my knuckles bleed?

Does it also have a beating heart,
could it also hear the speaking stars?
Does it have a creeping tower shadow,
questions as I look down at the bleeding shards

Just glass stuck in my knuckles,
and if I look closely,
my reflection seems to chuckle.
Is it just my mind playing tricks,
like when I thought my love would hold me?

And then I slowly find the answer,
it is just another plague like cancer.
The illusion of wanting, the haunting desire,
the devil's tools to make time go faster.
My mind can't break the barrier of reality,
and my heart is drowning in love's cage.
Trapped and imprisoned because of my fallacies,
and it seems I've carved out my doomed fate.