Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I'm Not Invisible

I'm an individual,
I'm not invisible.
My heart beats,
like I drop syllables.
I write miracles,
when my heart is lyrical.
You will never see me cynical,
everything I am is visible.
I reach heights like pinnacles,
conquering word play isn't difficult.

When I write I keep nonsense to a minimal,
every sentence I string together is critical.
Full of meaning and feeling they say my heart is mythical,
And  I'm not just a poet; not your typical.
I see my life in a view so analytical,
and I tend to find most things forgivable.
The experiences I faced were empirical,
you will never see me acting like I'm pivotal.
Remember the truth isn't something that is miscible,
and nothing I write will ever be fictional.
I murdered a thesaurus but I'm not a criminal,
I find solace in passion but I'm not spiritual.

I used to eat dictionaries
and serenade my rhymes,
The world labelled me a visionary
because I was a legend with my mind.
I constructed melodies of words,
A rhythm of a stuttering heartbeat.
What I wrote was remedies to a curse,
It's like when you listen to the stars speak.

I may be brown skinned but love isn't conditional,
it's the soul that matters not what's physical.
Anyone that thinks otherwise I find to be despicable,
but we live a life that can never be predictable.
Many corridors of life tend to be equivocal,
and we're advancing from the stone age to the digital.
My soul is something that will never be extricable,
we live our lives governed by a law that's provisional.
I'm a soul like you; Yes I'm an individual,
so acknowledge me because I'm not invisible.

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