Sunday, 7 December 2014

I Miss You

Days are cold without your warm embrace,
like the dying memories that we try to erase.
The magic we once created we could never retrace,
and those footprints are steps we could never retake.

Everything has moved on and I hope you're living happily,
We can never go back; that's just another one of our fantasies.
We saw what we had to see and it broke down ever so rapidly.
and I want to see you with smiles instead of pain and agony.

You were my world and the reason I wanted to live,
I was in heaven in every moment that we kissed.
You were the reason why I woke in the mornings my eternal bliss,
the miracle I was looking for; the reason I exist.

I miss you and I need you,
where are you; I always believed you.
Do you remember everything that we had,
no fairy tale could ever narrate  a love so true.

We used to send notes writing down all of our feelings,
letters and emails, tweets and hundreds of texts.
Our story really gave the word "Love" a whole new meaning,
and even today you are still stuck in my head.

Even though I'm here, and you're somewhere else,
I still live my life sighing your name in my breath.
I wish I could find you; I wish I could embrace you,
and tell you that I will love you until my demise and death.

I stood strong in life but your absence has made me weak,
I never cared about much but your absence has destroyed my peace.
I can't smile the way I used to unless you come back to me,
My beloved, I'm waiting for you for however long I will breathe.

   I'm bleeding
               and crying,
                        I'm defeated,
                            and forever sighing.
                                             Your name,
                                                 I'm in pain,
                                                     nothing but rain,
                                                          losing hope.
                                                             A dying soul,
                                                               growing old.

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